K Sep 27, 2019

Upon placing a order for a plain bagel w/cream cheese and Venti Caramel Frap w/chocolate drizzle and espresso shot. I received a over toasted bagel and frap with caramel no drizzle or shot. I contacted the location and ( Barbie ) offered to make it right. Upon returning to the store#8467 she was not available so another barista assisted me. She has a sincere attitude until another guy walked up to her and says " Do she even have a receipt?!" And her attitude changed and she started asking repetitive questions while I'm on a short lunch break pushing for time and accuracy of my order. I received rude and discriminative service and I would like my money refunded I will not like to go to that location again! I have spent thousands of dollars at Starbucks and to be questioned about my order several times as if I'm being interrogated is ridiculous. I do not like the snotty service they give to my race and just assume someone did not buy something and want it for free. I would like to be refunded if not I will not buy anything else from Starbucks again. This is not my first time feeling like this by your baristas here in Jacksonville, FL it has been several times I have been handed the wrong item and try to have it corrected. I am furious!!!

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