Stanton Opticalglasses

S Oct 02, 2019

Went in Sep 21st for an eye exam. 2 weeks later I'm told my order is ready. I ordered replacement lenses and an extra pair of glasses. When I showed up (Oct2nd) only the lenses were in and they said I could leave my glasses and they would be ready for me the next day. I was told they would have my extra pair ready so I wouldnt be without glasses. Because I need my glasses to see I couldnt leave them there so I basically drove there only to leave empty handed. I called again today only to be told that they dont have them and they dont know when they will have them. I paid half of the amount owed and I would like that amount refunded so I can take my business elsewhere. The ads are also misleading. You have to pay an additional $100-$300 just for the lenses.

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