Stanton Opticaleye exam was a scam

B Jul 20, 2019

I scheduled an appointment online a week in advance and when I scheduled the appointment I was asked if I had any insurance I said yes. when I went to my appointment on 07/20/2019 I walked in and signed in was taken to another area where they do the eye exam and was told to sign in again I had to wait for quite some time before anyone came to assist me and when they did I was told to put my last name and date of birth on a tablet when I put my information in I was asked a series of questions and one of those questions where did I have insurance I chose yes not once throughout my appointment I was not asked for my insurance card and state I'd as all providers are required to ask for. After answering all of the questions I was given my eye exam. When my eye exam was all done and finished and my prescription was ready. I was told to go back to the front area and my prescription would be ready. When I tried to get my prescription I was told that I had to pay 45 dollars just for my prescription i didn't want any glasses just my prescription and what my prescription is for.

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