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T Oct 12, 2019

Service and glasses provided a bad eye prescription and lenses that fell out. After try to get the problem resolved and 20 trips driving back and forth I got no where. When I got the last phone call they informed me that my glasses were ready and to bring my credit card so they could give me 100.00 credit. After 30 minutes drive there and arriving. I was told no your glasses are not ready and we will have to special order your lenses and are you ready for me to proceed with that credit. I said no not until you get it right and that she in fact had just lied to my face. The lenses were there as I had already seen them. So it took two weeks to get my eye prescription corrected two sets of lenses in the original frames that I provided that they cut to put into the frame that do not fit correctly and fall out. Another pair of frames I gave them also off and now they just lied to me. I do not recommend this business at all I have never in my life have dealings like this. They also charge me which I paid out of pocket and billed my insurance company. That is illegal

Stanton Optical

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