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S Jul 04, 2019

Spyhunter Con Artists Payments taken after cancellation of subscription without authorisation.

Thank you for using SafeCart Payments
The total of your original order was: 31.19 GBP
The total amount refunded for: 31.19 GBP

Thank you for using SafeCart Payments! Provided below is a summary list of purchases that were made using the email address: stephen.[protected]

Purchase Date Product Name Order ID Order Total
2019-01-04 SpyHunter 5, RegHunter £55.18

They now say they are refunding £31.19p but the bill is for £55.18p
I have cancelled my cards and have new ones being sent to me.

Don't do business with this company. They should not retain Credit Card details and certainly not charge after I uninstalled and cancelled my subscription.

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