Spur Corporationspur cape gate serves sour food with plastic and hair

W Jan 16, 2018

My experience started on 27 Dec 2017, my husband and myself decided to go for a good meal at Spur Cape Gate as we were both super tired and did not feel like cooking... I had the T-Bone Steak and Wings Combo, as I was eating I came across a piece of plastic in the meat I was chewing! I brought it under the attention of the waiter who apologized. The manager also came to say "Sorry about that, these things sometimes do happen!" I told him its fine. Two days later 29 Dec 2017 my son, my husband and myself went to Spur Cape Gate for Breakfast. We ordered, got our drinks and when the food arrived we found hair in the scrambled eggs, again the manager came and apologized and said that the kitchen has been ordered to make a fresh batch of scrambled eggs and that was it! Last night 15 Jan 2018 we decided to take our son out as School will be starting tomorrow! Again I ordered the T-Bone Steak and Wings, My Husband the Mowak Combo and My Son a Chicken burger... As the food arrived I got and offish smell and thought maybe somebody was cleaning the bathrooms as we were seated close to it. But as I continued the smell became more potent. I told my husband that something was not smelling to good and asked if he was getting the same smell. He told me yes and that someone may be cleaning the bathrooms. As I took a bite of the Steak I realized it was OFF! and that it was the steak that was smelling so bad!!! I called the manager and he took the plate from me and said: "I'm sorry, sometime the meat on the 21 day cycle is missed, but we will prepare you a fresh meal if that is okay with you? and have it out as soon as possible" I agreed and waited. By the time my husband and son finished their meals I had still not gotten a fresh meal! We called our waiter and told him that I no longer want the food as my family are done eating and ready to leave so he could bring the bill. The manager did not even bother to return to the table to apologize for the replacement meal taking a half hour!!! 30 MINS!!! I was so upset! I told my husband that I never want to eat at Spur again. The level of service received was not up to standard i am really disgusted by
the food and managers :'(

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