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Our verdict: With Springforward Fencing & Security's perfect complaints resolution rate, you can expect exemplary service. However, it's beneficial to read beyond the numbers. Explore detailed customer reviews to understand the context behind their success. Familiarize yourself with the full range of services offered by Springforward Fencing & Security and prepare clear communication for any interactions. Keeping a personal record of your dealings will help you navigate their services effectively and ensure your satisfaction with their performance.
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Springforward Fencing & Security I hired Spring Forward Fencing to put up my 6ft cedar wood fence

I hired Spring Forward Fencing to put up my 6ft cedar wood fence. They started on 2/14 and finished on 2/21. I paid *** for the fence and work. On 4/26, I called the boss *** about my gate door on the right side not opening and looking like it was sagging down. *** said he would come out on that Saturday or Sunday to check it out. I texted *** on Friday 4/29 to ask what day and time he was coming out on that Sat or Sun. He said he was coming on Saturday. On Saturday morning, I texted *** again to ask what time he was coming and he never replied. I texted *** again on Sunday 5/1 to ask when he was coming to fix the gate and he said he would come that week. I told *** that I was going on vacation starting 5/6 and wouldn't be back until late on 5/9. I asked him if he could fix the gate before I left and he never replied. I called *** and left a voicemail and he never called me back. I asked my boyfriend to call *** to schedule a day and time since *** wasn't responding to me. *** did call my boyfriend and agreed to come out when I got back from vacation. *** was supposed to come on 5/10 to fix the gate. I called *** on the morning of 5/10 to ask what time he was coming and he said he came on Monday 5/9 and saw nothing wrong with the gate. I told *** that he couldn't have seen the problem because the gate door was locked and he needed to unlock it to see the issue. *** did come on 5/10 to fix the gate but less than a week later, the door won't open right again. I've tried to call *** but he's not answering my texts or calls. I have a 2 year warranty on the fence and gates. I just want the gate fixed right.

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Overview of Springforward Fencing & Security customer experience

Springforward Fencing & Security has received numerous complaints from consumers. Customers have reported poor customer service, unprofessional behavior, and subpar workmanship. Many have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the products and services provided by the company. Some have even reported that their security systems failed to work properly, leaving them vulnerable to theft and other security breaches. Overall, Springforward Fencing & Security has a poor reputation among consumers and should be approached with caution.
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+1 (901) 849-6213


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