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Sc Sep 30, 2019

9/30/2019 5:45 pm I attempted to check in on line. Failed. Walked in. Me and another fellow there waiting. There were 8 online check ins on the board and only two in the store waiting. Facing 70 minute wait. Lady at desk says it will be faster, so I sign up. While waiting I hear another fellow checking out complain about being unable to check in on line.

Looks like we are next. A guy comes in to have his hair cut fixed. Was told "sorry gimme five minutes and you're next." No problem. When she was done in walked 2 check ins. Apparently I was NOT next. She wouldn't look at me as she walked the next customer back. Then the manager called another online checkin.

I stood to leave and was given the "We're sorry!" I didn't want an apology, I wanted either the truth about the wait or a haircut for my son Jebidiah. I got neither. I did get a decent dose of bad attitude from the blonde manager though.

Here's the deal, either fix your online check in or figure out how to tend to both kinds of customers. I was a loyal 14 year customer of your stores in West Chester, OH, Cedar Rapids, IA, Mt. Juliet, TN and now Spring Hill, TN. The operative word in that sentence is WAS. I will be taking my business elsewhere. That's me and my son 12 times a year.

Scott Simms, [protected].

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