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Special Data ProcessingFraud and cheating!

SDP/ NME *might* not be ripping off their customers, but they sure as h**l are ripping off the people that work for them. I worked from SDP from early 2000 until late 2002, and was treated like an idiot the entire time. In that time, on one occasion they lost my paycheck (yes, you read that correctly) another time they issued my a paycheck for $13 for more than 40 hours worth of work, lots of other times they would screw up the paycheck and it would take them weeks to correct it, if they corrected it at all. They would find any reason to dock one's pay and there was nothing that could be done about that. On one occasion, I had over $200 deducted from my pay in one week for the most inane reasons (dress code violation, tone, etc.)

VICKY STIDL, the manager of the department that I was in much of my time there, is without a doubt one of the most absolutely worthless, useless wastes of human life that I have ever had the displeasure or the misfortune of having to deal with. She would repeatedly refer to people as boy, saying things like 'Wears your ID, boy?' She would take the Quality Control tapes the monitors had made that day and listen to them in her car on the way home from work (!) She would find fault with one's tone of voice used on the phones and then doc their pay. One guy adjusted his headset while he was speaking to a caller and she docked his pay because she claimed that he was misrepresenting the company. By adjusting his headset? How the hell is that misrepresenting anyone or anything? She is mean and cruel, very domineering, and treats all those around her like they're the ### of the Earth, because it's the only feeling of power she has in her pathetic life.

FASIUL ALAM, another manager, was a barely literate sexist. If you were an attractive young lady with a large chest, he would let you get away with anything. But if you are not an attractive female, or if you're male, he'll publicly rip you to shreds every chance he gets. He was very rude to me whenever he spoke to me, docked my pay for taking 18 minutes on a 15 minute break, even for an alleged dress code violation. Since he was the supervisor of my department at that time, when my paycheck was lost, I had to tell him and try to have him call payroll and find out what happened to it, but he just said to me 'What do you want me to do about that?' I had to go to another supervisor and have them find out why my paycheck hadn't been issued. Fasiul Alam is an apathetic, barely literate sexist.

Another supervisor, GEORGE, was genuinely stupid: he couldn't even operate his computer, I had to input data for him many times, but then another supervisor Susan(?) wrote me up for 'tampering with a supervisor's computer'.

These are just three examples of the type of ridiculous situations that would occur EVERY DAY at SDP. When I finally left, I think I slept for about a week to make up for all of the sleep I'd missed while working there, and it was quite a load off my mind, knowing that I wouldn't have to deal with useless people like FASIUL ALAM and VICKY STIDL ever again, and knowing that I didn't have to try and sell magazines that I knew no one actually read, knowing that I didn't have to be ashamed or embarrassed about what I did for a living any longer.

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  • Tw
    twittabug Jul 07, 2011

    I worked for SDP in 1994. I use to dream about weebahs and repeat the sweepstakes entry script, in my sleep!
    I was making $10/hr = to $400weekly plus SPIFFS which was good money then. I was a great TSR, with a consistent high qouta. Although, I didn't have to sex anyone; I'm not denying it was not going on around me. It sounds like, it began to take a downward spiral after 2000. We had some awesome closers back then but some of the management have always been ###!

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  • Sh
    SHAWN2011 Mar 01, 2011


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  • Fi
    figahdealme Dec 14, 2010

    that place was like high school, everyone was drunk or high or on X, the bottom line is treat them how they treat you. you can always find another job. lmao i use to act a fool at that job and no one really had anything to say about it! i think they knew that i didn't give a [censor] bout that job or going to jail, so they just left me alone lmao. oh and dont let your girl work there lmao cause she will get [censor]ed, if you worked there you know or maybe you dont lmao, almost every woman there cheated on there man, trust i know first hand lmao, so if your looking for a quick lay or some [censored]s to get high or drunk with, then that job is for you. lmao

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  • Ou
    outerfleet87 Dec 09, 2010

    Just for everyone's information, the wonderful Special Data Processing (hint of sarcasm), is still in existence, but under a different name. I found this out the hard way. I started working for Think Direct Marketing...a nice looking place. I started work December 6 (yes, I know, that was just a week ago), 2010. I started in training, with Vicki Stidl...she seems nice, but there is another manager that steps in from time to time, not sure what his name is, but I don't like him. The day I started, I was actually coming down with a cold. I figured since I had been out of work for a year and a half that I would stick it out...I have not gotten any better, but worse. The other manager, I went up to, and told him that I was not feeling well at all and he told me in a stern voice, " You should have thought about talking to Vicki before she left for a meeting, I am just standing in. You can talk to her when she gets back, so she can tell you herself that if you go home you won't graduate from the class. Just go sit back down." So I waited, continued to talk with a fever and a sore throat. Ended up getting 7 sales...that was good...but I am biting the bullet today - I called in sick, which is good, because I am burning up.
    The script has not changed at all, the rebuttals are the same...and I just feel bad because I need the money...but because I am an honest Christian woman, I don't feel it is right for me to constantly badger people into buying magazines.

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  • Su
    supersize me Nov 04, 2009

    It has been over 4 years since I worked there. From the beginning, it was a nice and fun place to work. People were nice, pay was decent and some of the prizes they gave out were great. I remember they gave away a jetski, fishing boat, and a car! From the beginning the pay scale was very attractive as a sales agent. There were numerous agents making $60k just working 40hrs/week. People were able to make a lot of money without degrees and/or experience. Everything changed after 2001. The commission pay scales were reduced and harder to attain and the company matching 401k was discontinued. At the peak, 300k calls per week were forecasted, but that number was reduced amost monthly. Outsource vendor contracts were canceled, and people were starting to lost their jobs. This is the point where had they had the right people in the right places, this complany may have been saved. They instead chose to promote uneducated people into management positions. Alfio Laborda was one of the most stubborn, selfish, and rude people I had ever met. He was a supervisor but was promoted to manager after all those years of kissing ###. Mike Myers was another one of those Napolean complex kind of people that shouldn't have been a manager from the get go. I worked "behind the scenes" so I was able to attend meetings with managers/directors and I heard all the employee bashings and ### sessions. Speaking of ###, Barbara Bruno was then hired as an Operations manager. That lady didn't know a lick about call routing and/or how to deal with people. She has to go down as one of the worst hire in SDP's history. She didn't come in one day because she got a bad hair dye job! She'd miss at least a day of work every 2 weeks. It's sad to see how the agents were overworked and pressured every single day. So many people depended on that job to survive but the higher ups were just looking out for their compensation packages as they knew the company was going downhill. They could've done more to keep the company afloat. That building now sits vacant on a prime real estate along a busy highway. They could've rented out space to make revenue as SDP actually owned the building and land. It was sad the day I left after several years of dedication knowing that I'd never see most of the good people there ever again.

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  • Mj
    mjaxx420 Oct 08, 2009

    I made a lot of money working with SDP. Yes is a high stress fast paced telemarketing job and no matter where you work ..usually you are going to face some ###s you do see eye to eye with. They Do give away a large dollar amount prize just like they say. There are investors besides the owners of SDP that fund the giveaway also. They Do also sell magazines in a pushy take it or leave it manner. But People buy it. And that is their chose. Its stated very clearly in the call what is going on, legally we have to let them know. SDP put food in my fridge and Annual Disney Passes, Paid off our car note, etc. With the well over 1000 dollars a week me and my wife made together working there. On a positive note anyways.

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  • Ju
    Justforamoment Jul 03, 2009

    I have recently started work for this company and I have to say, everyday I learn something that makes my stomach turn. I thank the powers that be that I only took this job as a quick "filler" paycheck until my new one starts in a month. If I really thought I would have to work here for more than a few weeks, I might have had a screaming fit.

    This company hires you, 'provides' you with equipment needed to do the job and makes you pay for it, docks your pay for every mis-step or slip of the tongue, and is incredibly high stress.

    The entire point of the job is to dig for peoples hopes and dreams, then use these to try and sell them magazines. It is not for the empathic of the world, as it is disheartening to listen to people share so much then take those wants or needs and turn them to the companies purpose.

    If you are strong of spirit, or simply don't care, this would work out well. For the most part, however, it is a place full of desperate, angry, bitter people just trying to make enough money to survive. I have worked in some truly great and truly awful call centers, but never one so downtrodden as this. Even the physical environment itself feels as though it is meant to smother you. No windows. A desk barely large enough to hold a computer, mouse, and keyboard. 100% scripted, so you are to never, ever deviate from the written words. A mindless, rather low paying job.

    The pay scale is overly elaborate in an attempt to mask that the commision is paltry at best. The only real way to make close to decent money is via 'extra hours' which the company would not need to offer if only they would schedule 8 hour shifts.

    Which they do not, by the way. Only 7.5 hours so as to avoid being legally required to give lunches. If you must take this job, be prepared for that. You will only get two fifteen minutes breaks. Also, if you must log off the phones for any reason other than these breaks, you are not paid for this time. So, try to avoid emergency phone calls or trips to the bathroom.

    Again, I am just happy I will only be here for a few weeks because, frankly, this job is awful.

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  • Ni
    Nini Nov 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work for them as well, I remember the day John F K Jr lost his life along with his wife and sis in law. They wanted us to push his magazine 'George". to the stupiud people that called. Inmoral isnt it?. Trying to make money on the dead of this young man and family. They also didnt pay you if you had to pee or poop, they will not pay you for that (not phone time), Disgusting. If you dont make your amount of hours your schedule, you would be paid less (and pee & poop time didnt count. I place to go to work when you are desperate for money ...

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  • Me
    Meme Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It never had this happen to me But I did see it happen "It called living in a right to work STATE" I other words right to do any thing they want to do to you The great country we live in God Bless us all

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  • Gw
    Gwin Mar 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    how do i get my friend not in trbl? she/he worked there over10yrs past and didn' recv proper amts for work done when their..

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  • St
    Starr Mar 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It has been my displeasure to have worked for this company approx 12yrs ago. At that time, there was no way they would 'let' me leave work to attend to a family member that had an on-going medical condition that required many Drs to attend to. If I did take off, I was told I would 'have to make up hours or face termination' andimplied they 'would see to it that (I) could not obtain employement in any other telemarket agency ever again'. This same relation worked there years later and like me was constantly monitored as if not trusted to keep on scipt per that supervisor at that time. I helped others to get sales and yet was never given the opt to advance to any other section much less as a 'verifier'. Long after all this happend, I have been some contact/s w/former & present employees and told that some that work there now were termed from their prior job that I knew them from & they falsed info as that co has since closed doors & storys cannot be ckd, would fwd to hr but who'd believe me and how would I be recvd if i wanted to rtn later date?

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  • Li
    Lisa Banks Jan 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also an ex-employee (was a verifier) of SDP/NME. In my opinion, this company makes sleazy car salesmen look like choirboys. Their tactics for dealing with both employees and customers should be punished, it can't be legal to be this unethical to everyone like this. I quit last year because the place was making me physically sick. Our pay was slowly being reduced, masked over by overly legalese and complex pay rate explanations and lots of glossing over by management. If you ask questions, they give you lots of slick, sales responses. They worked us employees as much as they work the poor customers who call them.

    I was forced to work seven days a week, to make up for pay cuts. Add to this, the increased pressure they put on all of us to meet higher quotas, bigger sales percentages in general, and all the threats we got if we didn't comply to all their overly verbose and ridiculous upsells and rebuttals. When a customer says no, they expected us to push, push, push with long-winded responses that did nothing but anger our poor customers. When I questioned management, they told me not to think, just to do my job. "Work smarter, not harder" (shut up and just do it).

    I used to be a top salesperson at the company until two years ago when the place seemed to take a turn for the worse. Morale was down, all the good people I knew all quit, and those who were left were unable to quit due to financial concerns or loyalty to a company that had no loyalty back. In time, it was clear that the company was downsizing, and so they didn't have to pay anyone overtime, they pushed us harder and harder until people started to drop away on their own, sick of being treated so very poorly.

    I know people who have had heart attacks, heart murmurs from the stress on this job, and I myself was advised by my doctor to quit because it was making me age prematurely (eye trouble, heart fluttering, greying hair) from the considerable stress. Most of management there is a joke, just threatening with infractions, write-ups, verbal reprimands, and violations for not being aggressive with the poor customers. Those of us who cared for our customers and stood up for them by trying to be more ethical were quickly reprimanded for being unassertive. They assumed we were a bunch of ###s, and that all it takes is to wrestle the money out of the customer' hands. To me, that is disgusting, so I quit and never looked back.

    Since I quit (to work for a much more ethical and decent company), I have come back to life physically again. I advise anyone who works for SDP to listen to their body, don't put up with management abuse, and if you feel worn out, don't overwork - go elsewhere and work for a company more worthy of your time and talents. They're out there. Don't be a mindless drone for SDP, you deserve more.

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