I have a Sony KDL52W4100 LCD TV, it is 18mth's old and the screen is burnt out . Sony service rep. checked it out and said the screen is burnt out, I asked is this normal to have the screen burn out ? His answer was no you got a LEMON ! Now the fun begins called Sony to get it repaired they said I was not under warranty.Itold them I had the 24mth extended warranty, they denied that I had the warranty . It's a good thing I had my bill's handy to prove that I did have the warranty. They said we will get to you in 24hrs, That was the first call, next call to service line they play like they don't know anything about it! The answer is we will get back to you in 24hrs. Still have not heard from them . Made a complaint to the BBB. Don't know what good that's going to do, It would seem that Sony just Don't give a CRAP about us the consumer.


  • Nighthawk Feb 24, 2010

    This Sony KDL52W4100 used a 1yr old overstocked screen they purchased from Funi Corp of China. Then sold it by the Sony name for list at $2999.00. never buy the Name buy the product do your research and you won't get burnt.

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