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Smashburger / customer service

Was excited to eat at Smashburger. Walked up to the counter' employee begins cleaning and walking away from the register. I walk outside to take a breath so that I wouldn't become further annoyed. As soon as I return another customer of European decent is walking away with her Receipt. So as I walk up to the counter again, he proceeds to walk away for the second time. The second time I called his attention to the awful customer service I was receiving. He told me he was doing something and would be right with us! I asked to see his manager he said he was the manager! So I came to this site to make a complaint because it's unfortunate ppl have these kinds of mental issues and go out of their way to make other feel uncomfortable. I hope he is reprimanded and taught how to do his job with humility and kindness! I treat all ppl the same, His name is Gary and he seems to be a bit older. If I need to be contacted please call me at13473750688 thank you!

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