Six Flags Entertainment Corporationentire experience at six flags over georgia

I Jul 21, 2019

I visited six flags over Georgia and has the Worst visit ever! 70% of the rides were closed! Majority of the restaurants were closed! No napkins or straws in the entire park. Guest Service supervisor Keyidis offered a sorry meal deal for the awful day my family and I experienced! This is definitely not the same Six Flags I grew up with. I've visited Suc Flags hundreds of time and was excited to invite 14 of my family members down to experience Six Flags and ended up being highly embarrassed! I was told by an employee there was a grease fire and part of the park was running off generators and that's why majority of the park did not work! My husband also stood in line at one of the few restaurant for over an hour to receive an under cooked turkey leg. Something has to be done or six flags will continue to loose some of its faithful customers.



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