ShopMissA.comnot full order and impossible to get refund

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I bought 4 bracelets from the website I got only 2 and one was normal, but another was torn and I threw it away. I contacted the seller and asked to provide my money back, if they didn’t send the whole order. The seller told me to wait and after that he simply ignored me and stopped to reply to emails. The worst company ever, so avoid these ### and post comments about your experience with them.


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      Sep 18, 2014

    I ordered in May. Spent 3 months chasing my package. And when it was finally found. I was told I had to repay for shipping . R they Fing serious?!?!

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      Oct 28, 2014

    So true I placed an order sep 14 it is now Oct 28 I still have not yet received my package. I sent tons of email and very few get answered. Now they are giving me the run around.Makes me think was my package ever sent out?? They lack on customer service skills. I see we the customers aren't their first priority.

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  • K
      Apr 21, 2016

    ordered about a month ago and my items still have not been sent out, they emailed me saying my address was wrong but they had sent me my last order to the same address so it was correct and now every time i email them about the package they say it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 business days to process the order for shipment but its been a month!

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  • - Never received the order

    Two and a half months ago I ordered from Shop Miss A over 40$ of products and they never came! I contacted customer service and they said to check with customs and the post office so I did and they said there is no such tracking code or order. The DHL site for tracking is fake and it's all a scam! Save your money it's all a lie!

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      Dec 03, 2019 - The items that I bought
    United States

    i am completely furious about how i bought these items and i didn't get an email about them and now when i try to put it my email it won't let me it's been a couple of days since and i regret not doing this sooner and it my first time ordering from this website. I PAYED FOR ALL THESE ITEMS AND IT TOOK MY MONEY AND I HAVENT GOTTEN THEM YET.

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