Shoney's North Americabuffet

C Dec 08, 2019

My sister, niece and her boyfriend went to Shoneys in FT Henry Drive Kingsport Tn this morning about 11 to eat before going to the hospital my o sit with my mom today. They were in the process of putting out the hot bar and reducing the size of the breakfast bar. I got some Mac and cheese and the first and ONLY bite of it. There was a very long hair in it, at first I thought it was cheese but the horror in my nieces face I knew what it was. I called out server over and told her what had happened and even gave her the evidence. Manager came over and told me that she put out new Mac and cheese and for me to go get some. Not a chance of that happening. When we went to check out all that was said is did you get some more food. Not an apology not one cent off not a discount for the next time we visit nothing. I think this was handled very poorly who wants to eat after something like that happens to you!!!

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