Shih Tzu Factorylied & won't reimburse: guaranteed pets were free of genetic defects


This breeder sold me a dog which has life threatening genetic defects.

Will not reimburse me for the cost of surgery to correct and prevent significant health problems if I don't choose surgery.

Sold me a pet which can not be bred but did not disclose that information. I was an out of state buyer and could not determine the condition of the dogs teeth.

She said neither she, who shows dogs, nor her vet, could see that this 6 month old dog had impacted teeth. She said she did not disclose the fact that the dog could not be bred because I did not tell her I would be breeding the dog. The dog is too small to bred.

The dog must be spayed and baby teeth pulled, the costs are about 1/3 of the price she sold the pet for. She guarantees on her website that the pets are free of genetic flaws. My vet said the dog should not be bred because of her teeth having genetic flaws.

Shih Tzu Factory
Shih Tzu Factory

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