Sheraton Vistana Resort / unanswered certified letter

1 8800 Visitana Centere Drive Orlando, Fla 32821, United States

the following was sent certified mail and to date we have received no response from this facility
good way to represent the Company. it leaves a lot to be desired

Sheraton Vistana Resort
8800 Visitana Centere Drive
Orlando, Fla 32821
To whom it may concern
On April 17th, 2019, I arrived for a stay at your resort with my son Glenn Roskein and his family. Upon our arrival, after my son had registered and got our room assignment. We then traveled to its location and once there, I disembarked my son's vehicle onto your parking lot. As I was attempting to enter our assigned area from the lot, I tripped and fell .breaking my sun glasses and pushing my regular glasses into the bridge of my nose and lower portion of my orbital socket. I struck the curb with the side of my face causing the contusions seen in the attached photos. Fortunately, those glasses did not break and the impact did not cause any apparent damage to the orbital socket, although the glass frame was driven into it. Since the part of the cement that meets the blacktop and the curb were the same color, it was not readily discernible, causing the fall.
I am writing this letter in order to advise you of a potential hazard to your arriving guests. If the curb part were painted with a color that differentiated the curb from the lower concrete area, it might help others to avid this potential hazard.
In any respect, my son indicated that he has stayed at your facility on previous vacations and would intend to return despite this incident.
He was thinking however, that you might have surveillance cameras in the area and wondered if any of the CCTV, s picked up the occurrence
In any event, please advise me as to your determination, if any, concerning the matter I have brought to your attention.

Sincerely Yours

Linda H. Roskein

letter end

the Email address for response is [protected]

Sheraton Vistana Resort
Sheraton Vistana Resort

Jun 30, 2019

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