Shellshell service predator

So went there with my fiancé & daughter after going to the Dallas World Aquarium. While I got gas at this Shell off Lovers in Dallas, my fiancé & daughter went in to grab snacks. On their way out my fiancé caught the attendant working there following them out. He had just checked them out & walked really fast I get behind my daughter while they left & then he was noticeable hunched over to grab her butt but was caught by my fiancé as he turned cuz felt someone way too close! The attendant tried to play it off when he got caught & it all happened as they were leaving. They were on their way out so came to the car to not make a scene & put my daughter in with me then he went back to confront the guy who was still at the door staring at my daughter! Was crazy & took everything in my fiancé to not destroy the guy. We didn't see any cameras or we would have called the police or even gone crazy on the guy but the guy played dumb & who knows what cops could do with no video proof. NEED cameras & keep your kids close in there. Crazy how bluntly he did it! I'm not done with this though.

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