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I was unaware that there was a website like this until now. A few years ago a Pensacola resident by the name of Shawn Steele came into my place of work and tried to broker a deal with the owner for some golf balls. While doing so he noticed that I was using my paypal account on the computer and asked if he could have me receive a payment in which I would be paid a percentage. He sold some audio equipment to a guy in South Florida by the name of Jonnie Cook. Payment was received from Mr. Cook and I cut Shawn a check minus the percentage he agreed to pay me. Well a month later paypal contacts me and lets me know that Mr. Cook filed a complaint and never received his speakers. So basically there were no speakers. I ended up losing $1800.00 dollars over this and was never reimbursed. I finally got on the escambia county clerk of court and looked at public court records and I was amazed. Several months later he ended up doing the same thing to my boss for a lot more money. I will have him share his story in the following weeks. I have since met around 10-15 people that have their own complaints with this individual and we are working to see that justice is served.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

charles will getyou
, US
Aug 25, 2009 7:14 pm EDT

shawn steele is a scam loser. all i will say is do not do business with this scamster, I won a civil suit over $90000 and know of 3 others that he owes over $300000. He will promise promise promise and never pay you back what he owes...he doesnt have a job and never has as far as i know of. I have hired people to monitor him and am just waiting for him to make a doubt he will...everyone eventually gets caught