Shake A Paw - HicksvilleSiberian husky puppy

We bought a Siberian Husky puppy at 8 weeks old on 9/19/16. She seemed a little lazy in the store and we were reassured by the sales girl that she was "just tired'. We brought her home and the very next day she was lethargic and had a terrible cough. She wouldn't eat or drink or even walk for that matter. I brought her immediately to my trusted vet that I have used for almost 10 years. I was told my puppy was very sick with pneumonia. My vet said she was UNFIT FOR SALE. She required antibiotics, x-ray, nebulizer treatments. She spent 3 days at the vet. I called Shake a Paw and spoke to James who honestly could care less. He showed not one ounce of concern for the dog or what we were going through. He told me I could return her. He insisted I take her out of my vet and drive her 40 minutes away to their vet. At the time the dog was not ambulatory and was in ICU. James was rude and passed me off to the other manager Matt who if it's possible cared even less. They said they won't cover the vet bills because it's not their vet. Look closely at the contract it states the consumer has the right to retain the dog and seek treatment at a vet of the consumers choosing. With that being said I received a check yesterday instead of $471 they sent me $355. No one ever called to see how the puppy is doing they truly could care less. Since the initial vet visit my dog took a turn for the worst and had to be hospitalized for 5 days another $800 bill. She is home now thankfully and hopefully on her road to recovery. I will follow up in Court with Shake a Paw. Learn from my mistake and every other bad review of this business. Buy your dog from a reputable breeder. STAY AWAY FROM SHAKE A PAW.

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