ShadowhawkFlashlightsshadowhawk x800 flashlight

M Dec 19, 2019

Not really a complaint . Bought your light 4 or 5 yrs ago in a batch of 5 lights . Now my battery has started not staying charged as long as it use to. When I replaced the battery with a 8800 mAh .3.7 v lithium ion battery. The square pattern of light at 10' to 12' away isn't as crisp on the edges as it was in the recent past. This was my concern with the original battery when it started to have problems . Is the problem in the voltage or the diode starting to show its age? my light is used in a maintenance operation . Usually on a short bursts on a daily basis. Please get back to me in a reasonable timeframe as this is a issue I hope you cam
n help me with quickly. Thanks
Mike Tawney

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