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D Sep 06, 2019

6 Sep 2019/1710 DST
I purchased the Shadowhawk in Jun 2016; with the rechargeable battery. That battery lasted about 6 month and then wouldn't recharge so I started using AAA batteries instead. They would last 5-6 months and then stop altogether. The last batch of batteries I replaced were Duracell - supposedly good until 2025. I would be happy to ship everything to you for verification.'
The last batch of batteries were replaced were 18 Aug 2019. Went to turn on the flashlight today [6 Sep 2019] and guess what?? Nada.
I would like to return this worthless flashlight and see if you can figure out why it doesn't work. It certainly hasn't been worth the price to me. If it costs more than a couple of bucks to return, I will just trash it and write it off as a bad decision to buy.
David Fossum

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