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SENTRY PRO XFCNervous System reaction


I applied Sergeant's Senrty Pro XFC to my 1 1/2 yr old boxer. Since I have used several spot-on flea controls before, I knew not to apply it too far down his spine as he is extremely flexible and can lick parts of his back. I was very careful not to put it on an area that his tongue could reach. I applied the product at 6:00pm. At 7:00pm, the dog was fine. We had a gathering to attend, so I placed him in his kennel. Upon returning home at around 11:00pm, I let the dog out to potty. I noticed he was salivating...A LOT! He ate, drank, went to potty again, then we headed to bed at about 11:45pm. He would not lie still, was up every two minutes trying to get comfortable and slubbering all over the bed. So, I got up and refered to the package. Of course there were no warnings listing possible reactions, just a number to call if your dog displayed signs of a reaction...yet no detail of what signs to look for. So, I called the number. The lady told me to give him some treats. She suspected that he somehow got some in his mouth. I told her he had already eaten and I would try the treats, but I seriously doubted he got any in his mouth, because of my careful placement of the product. I asked he what else I should look for. She said if he did not stop salivating, bathe him in dawn dish soap. If he started shaking, contact a vet immediately. So...I tried the treats. No help. At 2:30am, I gave my dog a bath in dawn dish soap. When he was donewith the bath, I put him in the kennel to dry. About 15minutes later, he started whining a very pitiful sounding whine. So, I opened up the kennel door. He walked out and could barely stand, shaking all over. No muscle control at all. At this point it is almost 3:30am. Can't reach my vet. Called the emergency animal hospital, which is about 45 minutes from me and in a bad section of town. They said to bring him in immediately. I couldn't because I have two small children and was not about to take them into that part of town with just me (a female) and a sick dog. So, I proceeded to call every vet in the phonebook until I got a live person. The vet I finally reached said to give him 25mg of benadryl and iif it didn't work by daylight, get him to the animal hospital before the reaction did major damage. I gave him the benadryl, and he was fine by 6:00am. THANK GOD! I called Sergeants back. They were apologetic, yet condescending...acting like it was my fault for taking a risk on their product. I called PetSmart(where I bought the product) and lodged a complaint. I called the FDA and lodged a complaint. Now, I am listing complaints and telling my story anywhere I can on the web.


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    Desiree Boxberger Nov 19, 2015
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    Verified customer

    My mom took her 12 year old toy fox terrier dog to Banfield Pet hospital for care. She noticed a few fleas on him so she went to Banfield to get his flea medicine and they vet's office was out. They told her to go buy Sentry Pro XFC in Petsmart. She bought the product, applied as directed and within a few hours the dog was throwing up violently and could not walk. She spent $4k on a 2 day intensive care emergency vet stay where he was in full ketoacidosis with a blood sugar level of over 700. The emergency vet gave him iv insulin and fluids and he showed signs of improvement so they sent him home two days later. He came home yesterday and was quiet but still seemed disoriented. Then, a few hours after coming home, he started vomiting again and suffered 3 horrific seizures. He was rushed back to the emergency vet where he went into cardiac arrest and died. His blood sugar levesl were off the charts. He was a diabetic dog on insulin but has been stable for quite some time. We believe he died from poisoning related to Sentry Pro XFC. Nothing can bring your beloved dog back so please don't use this product. It's hard to fathom that the FDA allows them to sell this toxic product.

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  • Vi
    Victim of Sentry Jun 17, 2014
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    Verified customer

    It's June 17th, 2014. I applied the Sentry Pro XFT to my 3 year old healthy Lab. Almost immediately after he began acting as if he was being beaten by some invisible force. My story is much the same as all the above. Bathed him twice with Dawn dish soap to get it off and gave Benadryl. His symptoms have neither improved nor worsened. He almost immediately lost the hair on his tail. He twitched, jerked all night while I laid in bed holding him. From all I've read and seeing the dates of how old these complaints are, I'm shocked to discover it's still on the shelves. I bought mine at know, the company that cares about our pets? He's going to the vet today and we'll go from there but from what I've read, other than documentation, there's not a lot the vet can do for him other than what I've already done. I hope he survives this. I am ready and willing to jump on board to do whatever it takes to get this product taken off the shelves.

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  • Up
    upset in virginia Jan 07, 2014

    I applied this to my 30 lb. dog this evening and the same thing happened to me.After a hour my dog started pacing room acting like she couldn't get settled.I went online to check this product out to find many others have had same reaction to it.I gave her a bath after 30 mins. of wondering what to do.Just now gave her a benedryl too.I hope this helps her!!! UPSET IN VIRGINIA

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  • Ha
    halligood Oct 22, 2013

    Applied this to my dog about 6 months ago, no problems. We reapplied it tonight and about 30 minutes to an hour he jumped up and tried to run out of the room but started falling over. He made it into his kennel and started having tremors and seizing. He was removed from his kennel and continued to seize and his body was rigid and mouth clinched shut. He kept trying to get up but could not move and couldn't really walk and was falling over. Washed product off and he started to immediately show signs of relief. He eventually vomited and now is laying calmly on the floor. This was the Sentry Pro XFT 60 LBS or more. It basically was all the same symptoms that everyone else has had.

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  • Do
    dotsmom Mar 19, 2011
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    I went through the samethings except the vomiting. How can we as pet owners get this crap off the shelves? I cannot believe this is being sold in stores when it is cruel. My corgi has not been enjoying her life as of 3 days ago, major panting, she cannot sit still for more than a second and scratching like crazy on he treated area. I have bathed her 4 times with Dawn dishsoap and still when she scratches you can see the oil come up from the product. I wish we can all sign a petition to make this product illegal to sell.

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  • Je
    JESSICAPINK Aug 27, 2010


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  • Gr
    GreyhoundMom23 Aug 18, 2010

    We were referred to the Sentry Pro XFC Flea and Tick Control by a Petsmart employee who stated that it was the same as Frontline, but cost much less. We had never used the product previously but since we were in the process of a move, money was a bit tight and we decided to give it a try. Last night (8/18/2010) we applied the product according to the package directions, applying it between the shoulder blades of our 3 year old Italian Greyhound, Louie. We made sure to place it where he would not be able to lick it off. We didn't notice anything wrong as the evening progressed and went about the business of getting ready for bed. There was a noise from the bedroom where Louie was and we rushed to see what was going on. Louie was laying on the ground, shaking and twitching panting and throwing up excessively. He was not able to get up at all or walk. He appeared to be having some sort of seizure and was unable to use his back end or his legs. We scooped him up and rushed him to Tampa Bay Emergency Clinic in Largo at approximately 12:30 AM this morning (8/18/2010). We took the box of the Sentry Flea medication with us to give to the veterinarian on duty, Dr. Kathryn Bennett. They took Louie to the back to assess him, along with the box of Sentry flea and tick medication. When she came back to speak with us she was trying to contact the 800 number on the box as it appeared that Louie has suffered an extremely adverse reaction to the Sentry flea medication. She further went on to say that they were bathing him with Dawn dishwashing liquid and washing his mouth out with soap and applying Vitamin E oil to his skin where the application had been. After about an hour he was released with instructions to go give him Pepcid for his upset stomach and to follow up with our own veterinarian today. We almost lost our precious Louie due to using a product that is touted as being safe. Petsmart should not be selling this Sentry product and should furthmore instruct their employees not to misrepresent the product by telling customers that it is the same thing as Frontline. From what I have found out from my daughter today, this product is NOT just like Frontline. This Sentry product is a broad spectrum insecticide and can kill even mammals, while the Frontline type products are narrow spectrum insecticides and kill only insects. This product should be taken off the market before it makes more animals sick and ends up killing one (actually, deaths may have already occured, but I do not know that for sure).

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  • Jo
    JosieBear123 Jul 19, 2010

    We applied this product on our 3 year old Lab Shepherd mix- I was gone for a few hours. When I came home my husband informed me that she was acting nervous and could not sit still. We washed her. She calmed down for awhile and then the 2nd day she was acting the same way - I called the company- they said to apply vitamin e oil- well at 11:30 at night we did not have any, my husband laid down beside her and kept rubbing and talking to her. She finally setteled early this morning and I called our vet - he said to use benedryl - we did and they also said to bathe her everyday until the symptoms are gone. She is resting but still panting! Wow - I even asked Pet Smart about this product and they said, " They did not have any complaints".

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  • Rl
    rlw908 Jun 24, 2010

    I have had exactly the same experience as you all described. I will be embarking on a letter writing campaign to all the appropriate agencies. Let's keep spreading the word and get this crap off the shelves!

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  • Ap
    apple23 May 01, 2010

    This is the worst thing ever. I dont know how this company has not gone out of business or been sued or something because my dog is about to go crazy. I feel so bad for her, but it's clear that this is not unheard of. Frontline should be the only product used, and I feel stupid for wasting my time on this crap. I really hope this subsides because I can't watch my dog suffer for much longer. I wish I had known how terrible this product was, and I just wonder why any store has the guts to sell it when it is so torturous. I'm glad that this information is being shared in hopes that people will know before applying the product and then wondering why their dog is acting so jumpy. No one should ever buy this. In fact, it's not even humane.


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  • Ma
    marymonet Apr 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I strongly agree, this product should be taken off the market ASAP.
    I was horrified how my dog suffered.
    I don't know how this company is getting away with this.
    The experiences are so similar. Please stay away from this product!!!

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  • Do
    DoginWashingtonDC Jan 05, 2010

    Do not buy this flea medicine for your dog. My dog vomited more than five times yesterday after inserting the medicine on her. After a few hours, I decided to wash off the medicine and my dog immediately felt better.

    This product should not be on the shelves for sale at all.

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  • Ji
    Jill Callhan Dec 31, 2009

    I agree, we won't either. We had the same experience with our two pugs and we feel awful that we subjected them to this horrible product! It's been 4 days for us now and we are still having to give them Prednisone and Benadryl. The washing it off with Dawn liquid detergent didn't help at all. Jill Callahan

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  • Kh
    kh4841 Nov 20, 2009

    I just spent a long sleepless night trying to calm my 11 yr old Shih Tzu. Yesterday afternoon I applied Sentry Pro XFC. This was my first time using an over the counter flea treatment and it will also be my last. My poor dog suffered excessive licking and panting. But the worst sympton was a severe twitching. He was unable to lay still for more than a few seconds. He would suddenly jump up and run around the room. His whole body would shudder and twitch. Early this morning I bathed him to remove any trace of this awful product and gave him a benadryl. The symptons seem to be slowly easing though he still is unable to lay still. Pet Smart will receive my complaint today.

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  • Ca
    Catherine D Nov 06, 2009

    My 5 year old Cocker Spaniel is on day 3 of this horrible incident with Senrty XFC. She did not have symptoms right away, it took a few hours. I gave her subsequent baths for the next 24 hours. Obviously not quickly enough, while her symptoms are slowly improving, I believe she still has a long road ahead of her. I took her to the vet yesterday and she was not showing any signs (of course) at the office so they said to keep an eye on her. Not convinced I just got home from taking her to the vet hospital and again she was responsive and showed no signs of problems, they said that they really wouldn't be able to do much for her that the worst is over, to take her home and feed her in the morning with a mild protein such as chicken and rice. This product has been a night mare for me and my family as Zoey is a very sweet loving little girl, at the very heart of our lives. I will never try another product like that again without thoroughly researching it first.

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  • Ap
    april walp Nov 01, 2009

    hello i to bought this crappy product lastnight at a pet store and didnt put it on my dogs till today then i went away i came back to my dogs whining scratching lickin themselves vomitin and stumbling i am so mad i immediatley bathed them i have 1 mini dachsund and a mini maltese i feel so bad for my dogs right now they are extremely uncomfortable i have bathed them like 3 times with dawn dishsoap and gave them a benadryl i pray and hope they feel better i wont be sleeping till i no my babies are ok but this product needs to be off the market someone needs to put this product on the people who made it and see how it makes them feel i wish i knew who it was because id put it on them im so mad right now i called the number ont he back they were no help except wash them in dishsoap i will be visitin this pet store tomorrow and throwin this stuff back at them and asking them why are they selling this product when all it does is hurts the dogs i want to kill the fleas not the dogs the idiots

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  • Bl
    Blgtn, In Oct 14, 2009

    I applied Sentry Pro XFO to my 88 lb. Border Collie (61 lb- >) last night around 11 p.m. He was up the entire night pacing, and running up and down the stairs. When he would lay down, it would be for maybe a ten minute period in which he would excessively lick or bite at himself or lick is blankets until they were soaked. He also was panting more than usual. Then, around 4:00 a.m. he began coughing and hacking. I realized this had to be a reaction to the flea treatment. I gave him 50 mg. of Benedryl and washed him off with Dawn dish washing liquid. It is now going on 8:00 a.m. He has finally calmed down to the point at which he is resting at the end of the sofa at my feet. His breathing is still heavy, but not nearly as bad as what it was just hours ago. Hopefully, we are out of the woods. He's a very special dog, not only to me, but to all the people he visits on the Alzheimer's unit and hospice patients, he's a therapy dog. He'd be missed by many if anything would ever happen to him.

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  • Re
    RebaFR Sep 30, 2009

    Folks, please stop supporting these companies (Hartz, Seargents, Sentry, Biospot). Just say no to these when you're shopping for flea products. These products contain insecticides that are broad spectrum. They kill fleas by causing neurological damage. Your dogs and cats have these same nerve receptors. Instead, use Frontline or Advantage. Fipronil and Imidacloprid are very narrow spectrum and affect bugs only--not mammals. Even Advantix contains the broad spectrum insecticide permethrin. Please, please do not apply the newer "natural" flea products with clove oils, etc either. The odor is overwhelming and causes severe distress to dogs and cats. As an emergency room veterinarian, I have seen countless cases of cat and dog poisonings from Hartz and Seargent's especially, and just tonight, Sentry. A little dog came in that has been scratching and flicking it's ears all night long. The owner is exhausted and so is the dog. The dog feels like something is crawling on it. The owner has already bathed the dog 2x. It is greed that drives these companies to continue to sell these products. They are fully aware of the toxic events that are occurring with their product's use. They prey on innocent people and animals. Please continue to post and report any adverse experiences.

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  • Mi
    Michael GrowMiller Sep 19, 2009

    I just spent 700 dollars and a vast amount of tears as I rush my 5 year old german Shep mix to a PET ER. She vomitted lastnight and was licking at her SENRTY XFC spot teratment before bedtime. I awoke this morning when i heard a crashing sound. My dog was having seizures and couldn't stand.. i rushed her to the ER.. !!! WHO DO I SCREAM AT!!!

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  • Gr
    groomer Aug 24, 2009

    It's not just one flea product causing deaths and permanent disabilities in pets. Every single one of the topical flea products is dangerous. If you read the warnings, you are not to touch the solution and need to wash your hands right away. AND YOU ARE INTRODUCING THAT INTO YOUR PET'S BLOOD STREAM! My mother had a permanently paralyzed dog with neurological problems from Bio-Spot.
    This anther web site that addresses this issue.
    I refuse to use any topicals on my pets.

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  • Da
    dannyppp Aug 20, 2009

    having the same awful reaction w/my 1.5 yr old coonhound, this stuff is very bad i am hoping the benadryl is going to work.thanks for the advise, this product should be discontinued!!! This is disgusting the way my dog is behaving very sad that they sell this crap.


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  • Lo
    Louis McGovern Aug 04, 2009

    Had a similar experience with my 3 y/o female Staffie last night. It began with vomiting, non-stop licking, itching and erratic behavior.

    Gave her two baths one with dish soap, one with her regular soap, and some Benadryl.

    She was able to calm down and get some sleep. Thank you for that advice as it seems to be helping.

    Please continue to tell anyone who will listen about the dangers of this product. I know I will.


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  • Lo
    Lorraine Sergeant Sufferer Jul 26, 2009

    Sergeant knows that they are causing suffering. They are making a profit from hurting innocent pets and creating financial hardships (emergency vet bills) for Good People during a bad time in our economy.
    Stop asking us to look at the label and start reading all the countless cases of sufferings caused by your company.

    See the below 4 News Reports!!!

    Read these EPA meeting minutes:
    Please everyone read this PDF file. Sergeant knows the pain they are causing!

    More Web Sites to show the record of suffering:

    Sergeant Stop the Suffering or be Stopped,

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  • Mn
    MNaella Jul 17, 2009

    Just had the same, absolutely HORRIBLE experience with my 3 year old pit mix. He is the most well-behaved dog, never EVER chews stuff in the house, etc. I applied this crap (SentryPro XFC) to his back as directed and had to leave to go to work. Came home to the entire house torn apart! NO KIDDING! Vomit and a pile of poo on the floor, couch torn to shreds, and my dog panting heavily and salivating laying on the floor.

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  • Pu
    puppal Jul 15, 2009

    Hope your dog is ok now.

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