Send Earningscompleted surveys that were redirected and I was not compensated

Okay, so firstly, I couldn't even select a topic to choose from the drop down menu to do a live chat. I have been redirected time and time again when participating in surveys, and on many occasions receive a message saying, "sorry you didn't complete the survey, therefor your answers were discarded. This is very unsatisfactory when I have in fact completed the surveys in their entirety, usually for a measly .25 cents... When asked if I would recommend send earnings to a friend today, upon initial login, I selected a 2 for this very reason. After I cash out the first time, I am done, and I would recommend other survey companies, such as Survey Junky, Opinion Outpost, or One opinion. This is the worst. I can't even get help because I can't select a topic from the drop down because of an issue... wow.

Sep 30, 2019

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