Schumacher Homesbad service

C Jul 18, 2019

On the morning of July 18, 2019, Thursday I called this Schumacher model home location, in an attempt to make a appointment to see one of the model homes. The man I spoke to said I didn't have to make an appointment, I could just come in. I asked what time they closed. The man said they closed at 6pm that day, but online the location hours say open until 8pm. I pointed this out to the man I spoke to. He suddenly replied that they were open until 8pm that day. My spouse doesn't get off from work until 5pm during the work week. So one of two days during the week that the model home is open until 8pm was ideal. We live 1 hour and 20 minutes away in another city. I said to the man I spoke to that I wouldn't be able to get there until 7pm on this same day. He said that was fine someone by the name of Bill would be there until 8pm.

My spouse got home around 5:30pm. So we as quickly as we could, because of traffic got there at 7:12pm. There was no one there. We went to the entrance door that the sign for Model Home Office or Entrance points to. The door was locked. We tried calling and no one answered. There where no cars in the parking lot. Another sign in front of the model home site confirmed the hours. Tuesday's and Thursday's they are open until 8pm. All other days of the week they close at 5pm. We drove almost 1hr and 45min for nothing. I feel like this done intentionally.

I just want to make it known how this location does business to save others from wasting their time at the Scott, LA model home location.

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