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Schulenburg Attorneys review: Schulenburg inc attorneys - listing client as bad payer without details

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I received this e-mail that I am listed as a bad payer but I am unaware of any unpaid accounts on my name There wasn't even an account attached and I didn't receive a phone call or anything informing me beforehand of what is going on but I am being reported as a bad payer? And that my assets would be removed? I am sure consumers are supposed to be protected against companies like this.

There was no communication from the attorneys or any service provider contacting me regarding an outstanding account for the past couple of months?

I see that I was contacted long ago by this same company regarding Intercare accounts which have been settled long ago already? I am not sure if this is for the same matter, but if it is their records are definitely not up to date.

Desired outcome: To take off the listing off my name as a "bad payer" and communicate details if there is any unpaid accounts

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