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I had a bad feeling from the start about this company, but I ended up going to the 1st and 2nd interview just because I was desperate for a job. they make it seem like its a dream job- you get to have your own office, hire people, etc. and that we would be making tons of money (during training too).

So I go to the orientation and then the day after that- and everybody is heading out to sale sale sale. I thought ok-- maybe we're going to some special sight just for this one day to try and sell the products. But we ended up going business to business. My 2nd day of selling- a police office actually gave me a ticket for soliciting. I go back to the office and they said- oh, we'll take care of it, and then they crumbled it up and threw the ticket away.

It seemed like I was one of the few people that worked there who actually drove, because I was the one who always had to drive around to each business place. And because I’m too nice for my own good, I also bought lunch for one of the people too, since they had no money.

it wasn’t until the third day of selling that I looked up the company's name online and found ALL these things about how it is a huge scam and blah blah blah. That very next day- I went to the office and confronted them about the articles I read.

One of the managers told me that they saw those articles too when they first started-- and how I shouldn't listen to people that make less money than me...

seriously? Did he seriously just say that?

Let’s just say I quit that day.

A few weeks later, I realized that my court date for the soliciting ticket was in a couple days, so I called up the office and asked if they took care of the ticket yet... and they said not yet. And that they were going to send a letter out at the end of the week. They told me that they would take care of that ticket right away and then maybe 3 weeks later- and they still didn't do anything about it.

I plan on going to court tomorrow and telling them about how big of a scam the company really is and end this once and for all.


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    NickBrunson Jun 17, 2011

    Unfortunately, it seems there’s a lot of negativity and false information circulating the internet regarding Scentura, and I think it’s based mostly on people’s misunderstanding of the Scentura Opportunity. I thought I’d post something brief that would help make things clear.

    First of all, Scentura Creations is a manufacturer and supplier of rendition fragrances. They distribute their product line to Independent Wholesale Business owners throughout the U.S. and have been in business for more than 35 years. They’re unique in that they provide merchandise without any capital outlay to these Independent Wholesale Distributors, meaning they don’t pay Scentura until after they’ve sold the merchandise. This is key because it removes a huge barrier of entry into business… Inventory costs.

    Second, the sales model used by most independent businesses that sell Scentura’s products is that of Direct Selling. It’s a business to business, face-to-face sales strategy that has worked for over 35 years. It’s not glamorous, and it’s probably not for everyone, but it just works.

    Last, and most importantly, Scentura doesn't ask you to invest any money, it's not a franchise, it's not a pyramid or multi-level marketing business, there's nothing to purchase, there are no sign-up fees. The only thing required from you is your time and hard work, and you’ll get a chance to run your own business. How many companies out there are willing to offer that?

    It probably sounds too good to be true, but it makes sense when you understand Scentura's incentive: It's a Win-Win scenario for everyone. You get a chance to own your own business, and Scentura gains a new customer, which means more volume. If Scentura only dealt with individuals who had hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest, they'd be waiting a long time,
    especially in this economy. So they're willing to take all the financial risk.

    Again, this is not for everyone, but the opportunity is definitely real, and many owners have gone on to make six-figure incomes running their own businesses that sell Scentura's products.
    Please visit the following website dedicated to new business owners that answered the ad and started just like everyone else:

    If you’d like to read more about Scentura Creations, please visit the following sites:

    If you have any further complaints, please direct them to [email protected]

    Thank you.

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    Triplejmaster3 Nov 25, 2009

    Scentura Distributors
    The posts about these distributors go on for days and days. I gave this job a chance for almost a week now and honestly the only reason I fell for it is because I had a friend that was already moving up the ranks. Here is what I've learned from my research and experiences.
    1. THE MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES ARE BULL ###. - Any real salesmen should know that if you can't motivate yourself then you will not succeed. In these classes they should focus on planning their approach rather then yelling like a bunch of idiots. Don't fell bad if you yelled I did too.
    2. THEIR LICENSING IS BULL ###. –You should understand that you must obtain proper licensing in any and every city you sell in. That means not only must the business apply, but so must the individuals. They actually handed me a copy of an application to sale at swap meets. I filled it out like in idiot not focusing on what it said because I trusted my friend's logic, don't really know why. So when you get rolled on by the cops they will laugh at your fake permit and hand you a ticket or hopefully let you off the hook because they feel sorry for you. Luckily, this never happened to me because I quit once I realized the licensing was not legit.
    3. RENDITIONS ARE OKAY TO SALE IF YOUR HONEST WITH CONSUMERS. -I've been hearing a lot of bad mouthing about the quality of the company's product calling it toilet water. However, without realizing it I bought I product from them four years ago and it worked just fine for me. The problem is they downplay the fact that these are not the same products they compare them with. If you want to sell renditions simple tell the consumer that it compares to the retail product rather then misleading them into thinking it's the same thing. These products do smell really good and I believe rather then calling them something they are not the company should simply rename them, letting the consumers decide which is best. Scentura already does distribute a few self promoted products, but they need to expand on this idea. Basically don't be a dick and leech off another company's good name.
    4. NOT EVERY OFFICE OWNER FOR SCENTURA IS A ###ING MILLIONAIRE. - I shouldn't even have to tell people this. I knew from day one that this slick ### was not that god damn rich, but I knew he made a good living selling this stuff. Don't get me wrong there is certainly money to be made, lots of it, but morally it's not right to tell people your a millionaire when your really not. I know the reason they do this is because is because nobody will stay committed if they know what the real average income of an office owner actually is, but that still does not make the deception right. “Cars, Money, Clothes, Hoes you can have it all.” Sure but can you tell me on average how many office owners actually make enough money to honestly say they are financially worry free?
    5. OVERALL - I know I can make money doing this business. If you have an endless supply of a somewhat appealing product you can make a lot of money. The potential is there to make mad cash. However, the deception to the consumers and the trainees is unforgivable. I was willing to ignore all this because like I said I know I can make money doing this business, but what made me quit is the fact that they where willing to let me risk being fined or arrested to make profit. Sure I could make a lot of money, but if I get fined early I'm in the negative and a negative right now could ruin me. However, if your done this job long enough to finally open an office don't be discouraged I can tell you exactly what I would have done to manage a legit office while selling this product, but I won't cause like I said the deception is unforgivable.
    1. CUT THE BS. – You are the owner. Find the right candidates that are self motivated and cut the ### motivational speeches. Then get them licensed, in some counties this is even a free process.
    2. DON"T WASTE CLASS TIME. -### all the lame notes and rallies. Spend a small amount of time practicing pitches and mapping out your territories then get to ###ing work. I wanted to pull my hair out thinking about the money I could have been making while sitting in that stupid warehouse listening to some idiot run his mouth. Also choose places that have a lot of people. They give you this speech about law of averages then they don't even apply it to their territory planning.
    3. TELL CONSUMERS THE TRUTH -Let the consumers build a opinion of your product. Like I said a bought a HUGO rendition and it smelt great and still does four years later, almost empty. Tell people what the products compare to and let them select what they like. People wouldn't be calling it toilette water if they where not mislead in first place. People just assume if they lied about everything else why not the quality of the product, but I knew better cause I confirmed the product quality myself without realizing it.
    4. DO YOUR TAXES -Don't let your sales team take kick backs without reporting their earnings. Eventually, it will catch up to them and then the IRS will be after them. It's really not a nice thing to do to a hard working employee.
    5. HELP YOUR TEAM SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS -If you own an office don't be some dick and try to claim you are balling like Sean John. If you where really that rich you would own a retail store and could afford to overcharge people for products that cost very little to manufacture. There is money to be made, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Help your team make a logical plan to earn a significant amount of money.
    6. WHY NOT RETAIL? – Listen, dick you already have an office, so why not use it to sell your product. Let some of the consumers come to you that why you can double your office's earning potential and possibly even make the kind of money they bull ### you about. Hell this almost makes me want to rage through the BS to get an office just to show these ###s how it's done, but I think I'd rather do it myself with a different product of my own.
    CONCLUSION- This is the real deal people. I have spent all night researching, tell my eyes burn, both the positives and negatives behind this business. I'm not bias nor do I acknowledge any of the above comments that appear to be bias. I simply work with facts and logic. If you want to do this try to find a distributor that runs his or her business the right way, this might be hard to find, or do it the right way on your on. ### the deception be a smart business man or woman and you won't have to lie. Sales can be very profitable and there are a few companies that do it legitimately. In my opinion you should do yourself a favor and don't sell a product that's name’s credibility has already been tarnished by countless owners with poor business ethics.
    –Jesse James

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    Und Oct 30, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Hi I am have been brainwashed by this company from the beginning.
    I started working for a office in Jacksonville, Florida. They made it say it is a 5-8 week training course, with a performance based salary. Truth is if you don't sale, you don't make any money. During the orientation they told us to keep quiet and not to ask any questions. They will make things sound like a field of roses, when really it is a bush of thorns. They tell you that you will have Sunday's off and the usual hours are from 8:30 to 6:30. The truth is they lie about that. You go on trips out of town about 2 to 3 times a week. Each time you comeback at 2 to 3 in the morning and you have to be back to the office at 8. So in average you are pulling 18 to 24 hour shifts and they don't care how it affects you physically. They will tell you that it is mental and that everyone who says something negative about the company is stupid and will be begingin you for a job one day. Now it is the other way around. This company makes one think that they will do so much for themselves, but really it is for the company. I did not have one day off nor a decent night of sleep in week. Some of the people in the office would just drink a monster and they would be alright for the day. This company messes up you appetite, sleep schedule, bank account, and your health. Because THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. THEY JUST WANT YOU TO SELL THEIR COLONGE AND PERFUME.

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