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CB Telemarketing Savings Direct Club Aggressive & offensive telemarketers!
Savings Direct Club

Savings Direct Club review: Aggressive & offensive telemarketers! 5

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6:01 pm EDT
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Cory Smyth called me and when I politely declined to listen to his sales pitch, he continued to insist that I listen to his pitch and consider his product. I clarified that i was not only NOT interested, but strenuously objected to any company telemarketing to me, and particularly to a company selling my credit card last 4 digits to his company.

He continued to argue with me even after I told him that I had no interest in having a conversation with him about the legitimacy of telemarketing.

I asked for his managers name and number. He told me that his managers name was John Witherspoon and that there was no number at the call center that I could call into. I asked to be transferred to his manager and he hung up on me.

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David H
May 08, 2008 11:08 am EDT

On 4/7/08 Savings Direct Club has repeatedly charged debits to my bank account! I have finally been forced to close out my OWN bank account in order to put a STOP TO THE THIEVES THAT ARE IN CHARGE THERE! WE HAVE BEEN RUINED BY THESE ###S!

Battle Creek, US
Dec 17, 2009 4:26 pm EST

Ron Allen of Ron Allen Enterprises, 350 E St, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 is behind this scam. Ron Allen Enterprises owns Synergy Credit Services (maybe how they get the CC numbers?) Synergy Teleservices (maybe the people who are calling?), Discount Savings Club (, Direct Discount Club (, and Leisure Time Savings ( I would suggest you call his personal business number to complain. [protected] It is automated, just wait for the prompt then enter the first three letters of his last name and you will be connected to his personal line. Hope this helps.

Anti- Scam
Apr 02, 2008 2:58 pm EDT

THIS IS HOW YOU CANCEL Savings Direct Club:

Customer Service: [protected] Menu option 5 for cancelation.

Tell them all the charges you have and If they say they can't refund you, tell them you will take this up with your credit card/bank and file for a fraudulent charge dispute, then proceed to ask for a supervisor if issue is not resolved. You gotta fight dirty to get your money back.

Other creditor scams:

---Leisure Time Savings: [protected]
---Direct Discount Club: [protected]

Apr 01, 2008 8:18 am EDT

I canceled my membership and they reactivated it without my authorization 6 days later.

Mar 26, 2008 4:25 pm EDT

This company made fraudulent charges on my mother’s checking account. Reversed after much fighting and five seperate phone calls. Too bad my mom's bank has already canceld the card they were charging. I guess they will have to take it up with the bank now.

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