San Jose Mercury Newswon't stope my subscription and keep sending me bills, and unwanted newspaper and harass me with repeated phone calls

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About four months ago a young kid knocked my door saying that he was a student who was arranging money to go to San Jose Sate University for studying Mechanical Engineering. He offered me a one week subscription of San Jose Murcury News for $20.00 and said that the newspaper company will pay him commision money to go to school if I subscribed. I felt sympathy with the kid and subscribed for one week ONLY. He also mentioned that this was one time subscription for one week only. When I get the phone call from the newspaper to confirm if I wrote the cheque of $20.00 that time I again reminded them to cancel my subscription and they did say YES to the cencellation of my subscription. However they haven't stopped sending me bills each month even if they do not deliver newspaper. I got a phonecall a few days ago mentionig them that I wed them $40.00 (for no service) which I declined and reminded them about my cancellation request for the first time when they asked me for the confirmation of $20.00 chque that I wrote and gave to the school kid (no sure he was a school kid or a fake one). Today I again saw a bundle of the newspaper lying in front of my door which I had cancelled after first week. They are repeatatively harassing me and annoying me with their uneathical business practices. Kindly take the necessary steps. Thank you.


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      Nov 12, 2012

    I am in the same situation. Actually above description matches to mine a lot. I paid 20$ to collage student (supposedly). I still believe that the guy was genuine but I guess folks from Mercury news are taking undue advantage of needy orphans who wants to study. It's not about money but I agree that this is cheating from Mercury news folks. I made it very clear in the original paper that I filled-in that I want the subscription to get cancelled after the 8 Sunday subscriptions. There is not section for cancellation but the student made a note of it on the paper. Mercury news folks called me later and confirmed about my subscription. I confirmed and also requested them to cancel out my subscription after the 8 week cycle. Over phone they agreed to cancel my service. Now after seeing more Sunday news papers and bills to my address I called Mercury news folks and they are saying that I got promoted to 16 weeks subscription for free and now I am over the 16 week period. My call got forwarded to cancellation department and the lady on the cancellation department says she is not authorized to waive the 20 dollar due on my account. She agreed to reduce the payment to half. Like I said it's not about's really cheating and not fair on Mercury News. I requested the customer service lady to allow me to talk to her Manager and she said that the manager would say the same thing. I am complaining here as I said I would do to the lady over phone. Hope someone takes care of this.

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      Dec 20, 2012

    I have the same issue. The delivery was spotty and wasn't aware that the subscription to this poor excuse for "news paper" automatic. What a scam! If it wasn't for my willingness to help out a needy kid I would have never subscribed to this crap! I should have just given the money to the kid instead of "subscribing"!

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