Sally Beauty Supplyassociate accused me of stealing

A Jul 29, 2019

I was shopping at your Howe Ave location on 7/27/19 when one of your very rude sales associates accused me of shop lifting. I had responded to a text from my daughter & put my phone back in my purse. At that time, your sales rep came over & stated she saw me put an item in my bag. I explained that it was my phone but she continued to state that she "saw me in the mirror" . I attempted to show her inside my purse and she refused to look saying she was not allowed. I was humiliated and offended in front of the whole store, including other customers and staff members. I work and earns $26/hour. I have no reason to steal and I am not a criminal. I have a real problem with this. I hope you decide to respond to me asap. This worker should be terminated. I spoke to the Manager (who was hiding in her office the whole time) named Jessica. But I am not satisfied with this. Please let me know what you plan on doing about your employee offending me and accusing me of a crime.

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