Russ Darrow Mazda of Greenfieldprice cheating

J Aug 03, 2019

On August 1st, 2019, I seached online and found a 2015 Mazda CX-9 with 34981 miles at Russ Darrow Mazda of Greenfield. The price for this car was $18, 713 on, and Mazda offical website. I contacted them and was told the car was available.

Then I went to this dealer and did test drive on several cars. I decided to buy the Mazda CX-9. William, the salesman, told me as I didn't take finiancing, the price went up by $500; nor I traded them another used car, the price went up by $1500. I felt cheated and negotiated with him. He insisted adding $2000 even if I took partial loan at their rediculous interest rate. So I gave up this trade.

More ridiculously, the next day I recieved a call from them and told me I could now purchased the Mazda CX-9 by the online price. When I checked their website, they added $1100 to the initial price. They simply can not stop their cheating behavious.

The first figure is the price, $18713, shown by the emails they sent me on August 1st. The second one is the current price, $19839, by which they tried to cheat me agian.

price cheating
price cheating

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