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M Nov 29, 2018
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They are the most incompetent, evasive and dishonest consultants.
I have dealt with two members of their staff within this department.
I have received two different quotes for the same product and when I try to speak to someone at the RACV to make a complaint, I am told I need to speak with this division.
I wish to speak with someone who is a senior person outside of this division
initially contacted Timothy on 28 September 2018 to discuss options for both an Alarm System and CCTV System. At this time I also asked him if an Installer would be coming to my home to ascertain how many sensors for the alarm system and how many CCTV cameras I would require. He sated this would not be necessary as he then verbally gave me a quote for extra sensors. I asked for him to amend the quote to reflect these possible additional sensors, he said he would email this to me but never did.
I spoke with him then on 8 October 2018 in order to get the quote he promised me on 28/9/2018
I then contacted him the next day to get information on the various products quoted and also the discuss additional accessories. that were available with this Bosch 6000 Home Alarm System
He sent it through as per the email below, however without information on additional accessories like the pendant and extra sensors. In fact he told me there was no pendant available as the RACV did not offer this accessory

He promised to get back to me with answers. He never did I had to repeatedly call him however he continued to promise but never followed through.
So out of extreme frustration I contacted Home Sales Security to ask to speak with a Supervisor.
I spoke with Katie [removed] Monday 5 November 2018 who told me Callum the Supervisor of this department was offsite until Wednesday 7 November 2018 and she would get him to contact me. Until this day I am yet to speak with Callum.
Katie then attempted to reassure me that she could attend to my queries and concerns. That she would give me the information on additional sensors, cost and exact specs of Sensor I asked her to send me the links to the sensors RACV uses both hard wired and wireless
She did not do this instead she email me with the model number and also advised that the pendant was available [ no link again] and the cost of the pendant.
She also said she would revise the quote Tim had originally given me to include the cost of additional sensors and pendant and would honour the original quote -
She did not do this and subsequently I contacted to her - Monday 26 November 2018 to ask why some 2 weeks later after I had told her how upset I was at Ti'ms lack of service and follow through.
Her response: " I didn't think it was necessary because an installer would have to come out anyway to make the final quotation based on his recommendations.
I reminded her that Tim at the onset of my discussions said this would not be necessary and she never told this would be a requirement with a cost attached of $120.00
I find this unacceptable as I told her and asked to speak with Callum again. She again stated he would be offsite until Monday 3 December 2018.
I asked her to send through the quote to reflect the installers recommendations. Which were exactly the same specs I had discussed with Tim. Yet her base quote was more expensive than Tim's
I emailed yesterday her about this and mentioned again that she promised to honour Tim's original quote her response was today:

"We have new quote forms which has changed how the breakdown of discounts is shown. The pricing in the quote provided yesterday shows base pricing, the discounts are on the second page. This is all system generated. I assure you that Samantha's membership discount has been applied.As we have transitioned to a new system, we now take the full 10% multi purchase discount of both products off the cost of the CCTV. All relevant discounts have been applied."

I then asked her to address the base numbers which differ from her numbers and are considerably higher which is not relative to the new forms

I would appreciate a total rectification of all these issues I am not prepared, to deal with anyone from the home sales security team as they lack transparency, are evasive in their responses, do not do what they commit to do, do not follow through,
Make their own decisions as far as what they need to do without informing me or getting my approval.


I have now been in touch with Callum the Supervisor of the Home Security Sales Department on Monday 3 December 2018.
He has resolved all my concerns and queries and I will now go ahead with the installation of my Alarm and CCTV Systems.
Many thanks again Callum for your understanding and support

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