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IN 2019 began using a CPAP machine contracted through ROTECH and home health services. Things were fine and billing properly until January 2020 when I changed insurance companies. I contact Rotech about the change, provided the info and the rest has been a nightmare. Every month they have billed the secondary Insurance as the Primary with claims being rejected. The Secondary insurance has explained they are NOT the primary. I have made call after call after call providing them with with the Primary insurance information. We are now into July and they have not made one claim since January to the Primary insurance. I continued to call to speak with several representative who advise they have fixed issue, repeat my correct info back to me and advise the issue is resolved.

Jan. 2020 I provided my new insurance information to Rotech on the back of the billing statement and returned to Rotech, Aetna primary insurance

Feb. 2020 I provided the insurance information again to Rotech on the back of the billing statement and returned it to Rotech, Aetna primary insurance

March 2020 still receiving bills but not seeing any claims being submitted to the insurance (Aetna) I called and was advised by the representative that I hadn't done my job by providing the information and these issues were my fault. Which i have done REPEATEDLY

April 2020 Still receiving bills, made another call to Rotech, spoke to another individual to again took the insurance information Aetna being primary and Humana being the secondary

May 2020 Received a home visit from an individual to physically take my machine
May 2020 Spoke to atleast 3 additional individuals provided the insurance information again
June 2020 received letter threatening to charge me 1300 for the equipment or send it back

June 2020 spoke to representative who advised Aetna is denying the claims however, she noted we didn't have Aetna until April 2020. Corrected that misinformation we had Aetna since Jan 2020

June 2020 Called Aetna to find out why the claims are being denied even though i do not see any denied claims online. Aetna has advised NO Claims have been submitted by either Rotech or Home Medical Systems.

I finally thought I had reached someone who would do something and fix it. I spoke with Laura at billing on 6/26 and she advised she had zeroed out the balance and contacted the Local department so no one would pick up the equipment. She explained they would re-bill the charges from January using the correct Primary insurance. Today we received another threatening letter advising us we would owe 1400 and face repossession of the property and other legal fees for not following the contracted agreement. The letter advised we hadn't paid any bills or provided proper insurance information and we needed to call to have someone pick up the equipment to avoid charges. We have decided to end this nightmare and return the equipment. Someone needs to investigate this company for its horrible service and improper billing practices. When a person has insurance they are suppose to submit claims to the insurance company for payment and tell you what the amount is you owe. However, they began telling us what we owed each month WITHOUT even billing the insurance. It seems to me that this is extortion as a practice of threats to get more money from the consumer than what is allowed by the insurance company. Im sure this fight will continue with Rotech since they have proven to be unscrupulous. Please steer clear of the company to avoid unnecessary billing nightmares.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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