Ross Dress for Less / manager was rude

De May 27, 2019

I am a long time customer at Ross. This is the first time I encountered rudeness from the cashiers and the manager of the store. The dressing room and the stores were open until 10 pm. We were in the dressing room until 10 pm and walked toward the cashier registers. Before we arrived, from the distance, the cashier told us that they closed the registers. The light of register 5 was still on and the cashier to the right, who was the manager, was still serving a customer. All stores have a grace period of few minutes to let the customers inside wrap up their sales. We wanted to buy the 7 items that we were trying in the store for more than an hour. The cashier looked up to the manager to OK the sale but the manager rudely refused even after we tried to ask and beg. We are extremely disappointed and felt discriminated. When we approached the registers, the manager was still serving a customer on another register and the register light was still on.

The store is:
Ross Dress for Less
Almaden Plaza, San Jose, Ca.

Date 5/26/2019 Time: 10:04 pm
Manager. Jasiene

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