Ross Dress for Less / manager unprofessional

Your manager by the name of Nicole is so unprofessional that she doesn't dress proper for the job. I have known that there is alot is stealing through the store and nothing is being done about it . The employee are being treated so bad in the store, that they are working off the job. You all need to start watching the head managers over the store in Security, because I truly believe they are the ones have people steaing in the store. Also I overheard the back door was unlock for a few days and it was swept under the rug. They are constantly cutting people hours and giving to other employees. There is too much favoritism going in the company . For the ones want to work hard are being treated unfair. The person over Nicole really needs to watch Nicole because she is not to be trusted to run this store. There is too much negative activity going on and it needs to be stopped.

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