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I just came back from the Ross Dress for Less store on La Brea and Sunset. I left after realizing that there was one cashier open and the line was down the aisle. I asked them if they were going to open another register and he looked at me as if I had two heads. How and why does a store stay in business with such little help. I left the pack of clothes I was going to buy in the shopping cart. They lost money on me and several other customers. It wouldn't cost them that much to hire a few retired people in the neighborhood or some high school kids to work the register. I have no idea how to get in touch with Ross for Less but I wonder if they know how inaptly their stores are being run.

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  • We
      May 19, 2007


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  • Bu
      Jun 01, 2007

    No idea how to get in touch... ever hear of a phone book or directory assistance...

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  • Bu
      Jun 01, 2007

    Time to step out of the 70s...

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  • Ja
      Jul 17, 2007

    Do you think the store managers try to run their stores with as few associates as possible, just for the sake of a good challenge? This comes from awful upper management, all the way up to the CEO who is also the vice chairman of the board. Calling corporate will do nothing, corporate is fully aware of the conditions of its stores and is fine with it as long as it makes a profit. To make more of a short term profit they choose to cut payroll back to ridiculous levels rather then invest in new payroll saving policies, procedures or innovative ideas that would help in the long run. Just look at how long it takes a cashier to process a transaction, it takes so long because of poorly thought out designs of customer service and register areas. This is not the fault of the cashier or the store management. The absurd policies aren’t just exclusive to the front lanes and customer service they’re also in receiving where employees were recently required to put security sensors on almost every article of clothing they process witch slows down receiving and the front lanes. Another example is the way they hand out payroll in dollars instead of hours, this promotes a high turnover witch they seem to want, and is probably the highest in retail. In short the CEO DOES NOT CARE if you had a bad shopping experience or if managers can’t keep employees in the awful environment HE has created through horribly bad policies and procedures! I used to be a manager for Ross and I can tell you, nothing they do is well thought out they just keep handing down bad policies until yours is the only experience that can be had. I challenge you to go into as many Ross stores you can, or think back to the ones you’ve been in and determine how many you would call acceptable. Your findings will prove my case, if it’s just one or two stores then it’s the store manager, but when it’s almost every store it’s bad from the top.

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  • Ka
      Sep 16, 2007

    Give me a break. Customers like you need to have patience to shop. Did you ever think it was possible that maybe they were short handed that night because people called out. I'm sure they don't just put one cashier on a register because they only want one.... come on lady!!!

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  • E
      Nov 05, 2007

    The managers at the Ross I work at do not go through the applications very well... they mostly hire people who don't speak English because they're desperate to get anyone on the floor to clean up... however they don't realize that this is causing a problem...

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  • Si
      Mar 04, 2008

    I work at a Ross Dress for less in the United States. I will not say the location or anything. But when i got hired before Christmas they told me i would be train on Register before thanksgiving. And I never got trained. I do stockroom stuff, markdowns and the "hell hole" (AKA: Fitting Room) There are several people that work there that have been there for a year and they never been trained. You have to be at least 18 years old to work there. People quit all the time. And it takes them forever to hire new people. Plus their payroll is very small. So if they go over, they have to call people off and they lose help. and business. I plan on leaving soon.

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  • Ro
      Jan 22, 2009

    Ross Store is a very terrible company to work for. There have been so many complaints from the customers and employees of the store. They have bad customer service and employees are treated unfairly. They abuse their employees like not giving a raise for how many years nor no reward for their efforts. Also, when an employee work there for a long time, like ready to retire, they stop giving them hours and no good benefits, in a way to get rid of them or force employee to quit. Especially Ross Store in San Francisco locations. I really fell sorry for all the employees who work there. The company are taking advantage of these people because a lot of them are bilingual and can't really speak English nor scared to defend themselves. Ross Store should get sued and pay employees well. If I was a Lawyer, I would sue ROSS STORE for "UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICE" for what their doing to the employees.

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  • Do
      Sep 05, 2009

    The Ross store in High Point NC is terrible. The management there is terrible. I worked at this location and know for a fact that they do not care about their customers. One day I went and told management that there were complaints up front about customers having to wait in line for way too long with only one employee running the register and the line backed up with about 15 customers waiting to be checked out and the response from management was " so, people have to wait in line at Walmart too". You would think they would care more about their customers than that. Well if your a customer, they don't care about you. You would be better off going to Walmart. Also, if you are planning on getting employment with Ross, you should think twice about it. They treat employees with little respect, they want you to work your a** off for little in return. They only offer raises once a year and they give you limited hours. Not to mention how they screw people around on payroll. If you quit the job, they will hold your paycheck or tell you they mailed it out and make you wait weeks to get a final paycheck. I would not recommend anyone to shop at the High Point NC Ross store or any other Ross store for that matter. You may end up with some kind of disease from where the employees stick themselves with hard tags and bleed on the merchandise. I have seen it happen!!!

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