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Ross Dress for Less / customer service

1 1502 Poinsett Hwy, Greenville, SC 29609, United States

Me and my husband were at this store we saw a storage ottoman that we liked and saw that it was missing a leg. The ottoman was $39.99 . We found someone to help us, and asked if we wanted to buy it since it was missing a leg would it be possible to get a discount. She said she had to ask the manager she spoke to the manager came back and said that the manager said we would get 20 off. My husband then confirmed by saying we will get it for 20 and she said yes and was very helpful and offered to carry it to the front and told us to ask for Maria the manager when we checked out. We got to the register I don't remember the cashiers name she had reddish hair and a nose ring. Told the cashier what was said. She called for Maria and Maria came to the register. The cashier said she had to verify the 20% off. My husband said no she said we could have it for 20. The cashier then interrupted and said Maria is the manager she is the one who verifies. Maria then said she never saw the ottoman just went by what the other girl told her and said 20% off. When we tried to explain what was said the cashier just kept talking over my husband and saying Maria is the manager who verifies. We finally we able to explain we assumed taking 20 off was $20. Maria said they never take dollars off just percentage like we are supposed to know the policy. We didn't get the ottoman. Not as much because of the price but because of the way it was handled. All she had to do to do was let us explain what was said so we could resolve the misunderstanding without being talked over, and then all she had to say was I'm sorry it was 20%, for future customer service.

Mar 16, 2019

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