Ross Dress for Less / abysmal customer service, shopping experience

An May 28, 2019

I've been a loyal Ross treasure hunter since the 90s but because of the people and employees these stores attract, I think I'll be doing all my shopping online from now on. It's just not worth it. I know these are outlet stores so I don't expect anything fancy and I've been tolerating the apathetic & resentful custome service for some time. But last Memorial Day, at the Ross on west Main Street El Cajon was enough.
Because these stores seem to attract thieves and vandals there are security guards, locked bathrooms, carts you can't take to your cars which just keep me from buying more! (And even disability carts are not allowed?)
But with all this, the shoppers themselves are still the biggest problem. I was waiting patiently in a long line to pay for one item, and there was this huge extended family spread out horizontally in line with all their carts and their kid running in and out of line and up to the counter bumping into my shins with unpaid items. Even when I loudly said "ow" his zombie family stared into space. He actually got ahold of a metal pipe somehow, at one point! He kept coming up to me too and asking me what it was?! I had to position my cart between him and me, not knowing what he'd do with it. And instead of teaching him some consideration for others his lazy mother finally said "don't talk to her." As if I was the problem! It wasn't even the kids fault, he was curious, full of energy and unparented. But Ross, since you're already treating all of us like criminals, can you do something about the people that are actually a dangerous problem. Otherwise the last person with manners is done with you-me.

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