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Ross Dress for Less review: Mental abuse and foul play at work

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Former employer here. A co worker and I, who are minorities with different races and religion, were constantly harassed by a white 60 year old female. She was always calling us out loudly in front of customers by trying to insult and embarrass us. She had also made inappropriate comments regarding religion and tried to start a debate. I had also noticed her always hawk eyeing us to make sure that we were always working and not taking breaks. One offensive thing she always used to say to me when she couldn't see where I was (please keep in mind that employees are constantly moving around trying to clean up and etc) is "Where were you?" As if I was hiding. During around Christmas time when we are recked with customers, I had simply bent down to put my hangers on the rack in my station because I had no space, she loudly said to me by my name "Stop hiding under there" in a whole store full of people with a huge non stopping line. Another issue I had was that I was being disrespected by the manager and another supervisor. I had initially volunteered to be placed in the fitting room to help them out since they really needed people there, and I did it for a while until at one point I almost fainted while working due to severe anemia caused by the stress and workload. I was assigned fitting room (along with dresses and lingerie) plus an additional section such as home. All of this was extremely exhausting for one person. I talked to the manager about my concern regarding my health and told him I can't not be placed in the fitting room, yet I was still scheduled there. I had to repeat myself numerous times for a few consecutive weeks to every supervisor and even the manager to stop scheduling me there yet they did not care. All they cared was for the labor, nothing else. I have to take pills now for the anemia prescribed by my doctor which was caused by overworking me even though I had clearly told everyone to take me out of the fitting room because it was affecting my health. I also have another incident were the manager purposefully did not hire a family member by Igoring her attempts to contact him and always making excuses. A supervisor told her that she was hired, yet a few days later after calling him again he told her that she wasn't hired because she "kept changing her schedule" even though I know she did not and he just needed an excuse to not hire her. It is ridiculous because at the same time he kept hiring a ton of other people while ignoring the individual I am talking of. Extremely unprofessional and I know that this was hidden discrimination. The store I worked at has an extremely toxic environment and there's definitely foul play going on. I have suffered great loss of my mental and physical health due to this job and I have witnesses to support my claims.

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