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Ross Dress for Less review: I was pushed by an employee Tina

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My experience with Ross has always been good. Until I encounter with the rudest, unprofessional, most racist, attitude & disrespectful employee. And is not acceptable. The employee name is Tina location 14941 N Florida Ave Tampa, FL 33613 I asked Tina if I can look at the items that she was marking down on clearance, she said no and walked away with all the items came back with the same items and started placing them back on the shelves. I asked if can I see them, she said no and pushed me. I was so upset and I told her why she pushed me and put her hands on me, she denied it. Everything was record at the store camera. Two other customers saw when she pushed me. One of the customer yelled at her and told her you're always mean, rude and you have pushed me in the pass too. Both customers said they had bad experience with her too and no one has done anything because the employees and customers are scared of her. I ask to speak to the manager and manager never came up to talk to me regarding about the situation. I look forward to hearing from someone regarding this situation, I felt threatened. I hope this gets taking care of right away so no one else encountered this with employee Tina because apparently I'm not first person she's done this to.

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Jan 26, 2022 11:56 pm EST

Denise, with the utmost respect, you need to focus on your English skills. In addition, at the end of all of this to simply ask for a gift card is absurd.


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