Romano's Macaroni Grillgift card could not be validated at time of payment.

Li Sep 30, 2019

On 9/25/2019 had dinner with friends at location above. Budgeted for entire dinner purchase to include a $50 gift card. Manager would not accept the card as he could not validate it in the system and he said that he could not get an answer to the phone number listed on the card. I called the number and was able to access the system which confirmed there $50 available. I submitted a web-survey the next day and Tina Jordan, Mgr called me. I provided the telephone number on the card and she was able to confirm the $50 balance and suggested it must have been a system issue. She offered resolution of a replacement card or $50 cash. Since the current card could not be validated I did not want to go through this very frustrating and embarrassing experience again and asked for cash. She confirmed I could pick the cash up from the Marietta location (closer to me) and that she would send the Managers an email immediately to advise them. Upon arriving at the Marietta location the manager on duty (Canise) had zero knowledge of promised refund. The other Mgr on duty (Crystal) was completely unaware of this arrangement. Canise confirmed that he would discuss this with Tina today (Monday 9/30/19) and provide me with resolutions TODAY. Toady is gone and I have not received a call back as promised. Again, I am requesting a refund for the amount of the gift card. Apparently there is an issue with your systems (which Canise also mentioned) and I do not want to revisit this experience again. Please contact me at [protected] or [protected] to confirm the requested resolution.

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