Romano's Macaroni Grillterrible experience

C Feb 13, 2020

We visited the Macaroni Grill on Harris Blvd. in the University City area of Charlotte North Carolina. It was by far the worst experience we ever had at this restaurant. As soon as we walked in there was a smokey look in the entrance way. We sat down and noticed there was no paper on the tables - used for drawing with crayons - and the wait staff immediately approached us to tell us things were "going down hill". She proceeded to tell us that she needed to open a door to the outside since the vent system was not working.
It was freezing outside and so my husband and I ate dinner with our jackets on - we would have left but we were hungry and had already placed our order.
Waitress also mentioned it was Shante's last day and she was going to Sullivan's uptown. I was wearing a brand new down jacket and noticed when I arrived home, there was sauce on the sleeve from wearing it as we ate. There was a time this was a favorite eatery on Sat. nights, but never again. The wait staff were correct, the place is "going down hill".

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