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Gr Oct 21, 2019 Review updated:

After I experienced Adiran Howard's terrible attitude SO MANY TIMES, I have no choice but to submit the complaint now.
Every time I hope I don't have to go to his cashier when I check out, but I don't have that luck most of the time. So I must suffer from his rude attitude to rush me to give him the Wellness Reward Card, to rush me to insert my credit card, to give me bad looks and complain at me with bad words, etc, etc...
Yesterday I tried to use a coupon that I received at the bottom of my RiteAid receipt last time, so I handed it to him. Then he looked at it and said impolitely, "it's just $1 off" and handed back to me. Then I replied that I want to apply the coupon on my purchase. He then said it's not scannable so he can't use it. Then I insist to see his supervior who later scanned it for me. At last, I asked his name and he said he didn't worry about being reported, because I am the customer who cares about only $1 coupon and RiteAid will not pay attention to my complain.
Well, I hope his saying is not right, and RiteAid should treat all customers equally whether they are spending $10 in one transaction or $100 in one transaction. I hope this man will receive more training to deal with customers who may be afraid to come back to the store because of him.

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  •   Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Grace, Rite Aid is not a social club, it's a business which provides products and services. Please make your purchases more efficiently in the future and do not waste the time of Rite Aid associates with these matters. Thanks!

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