Rite Aid Corporationpharmacist. name: eva horrible customer service to senior

On August 6, 2019, I went to Rite Aid to pick- up some Medication I had been their seen Eva Run me away in February 2019 when on a Sunday I went to get my Medication but Eva told me something about 28 days and I had to wait for 2 days. I went back on that
Monday and Eva told me to come back after 4:30 pm. that when I left Rite Aid and went to Walgreen with Customer Service like that it's bad that you wait so long. Eva said the Doctor had to call to have my Medication to come back to Rite Aid and Blue gross Customer Servicer call for me at 1:35 and they said it's would be 2 hours when I got there at 3:30 I still had to wait. I Don't understand why Eva would call Walgreen and not have the Medication ready for me when I got there. that why she had that smile on her face when she saw me coming in. I'm on a cane and a senior I don't go out at the night and the Bus stop running.

Sheila Williams 1240 E. Ave S. Apt.56 Palmdale, CA.93550

Aug 09, 2019

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