Rite Aid Corporationemployer unprofessionalism

Ty Sep 12, 2019

Hello. I walked in to the Rite Aid in J and 15 th St West in Lancaster, Ca between 3pm and 3:30 pm on Sept 12, 1999. This is the Rite Aid the I've been going to for a long time and is right across for Antelope Valley Hospital. The line for the drive through was extremely long (about 5 cars) so I decided to park and walk in. There were 3 people ahead of me in the line. A dark skinned African American woman was the cashier. She was very loud and brass and started to have a conversation with the woman she was helping. They laughed and giggled for a good 5 minutes. The woman in front of me struggled her shoulders in disgust. Finally she went up and that took a few minutes but less conversation. Finally when I walk up (Linda) intentionally walks away leaving me at the register to go speak with a man that had been sitting in the waiting area. He told her that;s okay there is someone waiting at the desk which was me. Instead of her coming back to assist me she demanded the new cashier that was just walking up send the man she called up back so the she could move over to assist me. She was so nasty and i could see that her own co workers didn't even like her. She should be written up for that. Even the customer knew she was acting inappropriately and attempted to correct her. I called the pharmacy a few hours to speak with the pharmacy manager name Jimmy. Jimmy was giving out flu shots so I called back about 30 minutes later. When I called back someone just held the phone and then hung up. This is the reason I am writing corporeal. The service for me was awful and "Linda" was down right nasty and did not want to ring up me and my son. How does a cashier walk away form the person(s) right there in front her her to go help someone else in which THAT person directs her to go help the people at your station. She was so nasty and spiteful and I would like for her disposition to be addressed immediately.

Teresa Steward

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