Rite Aid Corporationpharmacist, broke hipaa law and was very unprofessional

D Nov 01, 2019

I called an spoke to Darcy about my oxycodone refill, because, I got a voice mail saying to soon to fill. My wrote it for the 1st of Nov. It said it will be filled on the 4th of Nov. I called talked to Darcy, I was telling her that it can be filled 2 days before the due date witch is the 5th so it should go thru. on the 3rd. My name was said at least 4 times. someone I know called me, an said they heard the pharmacist yell over everyone. so did I.. His name is Samuel Kubas, I was trying to tell her that there were 31 days in oct. so 5th makes 30 day's rite aids policy is 2 days before makes the 3rd. He yelled from the back ground, an said I don't care what she say's its not getting filled until the 4th Im the Manager an that's that. Well #1 I have a business down the rd. people heard him my name was said, I said to Darcy, what did he say she said I don't know, I said well I do I heard him. Then I got a call from my nephew who was in there. He has me so upset, I have so many health issues, im a Doctor at least 4 to 5 times a month not counting testing an needles, biopsy. I do-Not need this treatment. I have been with rite aid for years an so are 6 members of my family. I have never had a problem till now. That Med Fast closed and gave them all there clients. Well they can't handle all the people they even say it, how crazy it is. phones are never answerd an left on hold for a 1/2 hr. I will say this you have two of the most caring people working there an all agree, Darcy is one the other is a Pharmacist, Mark Stryczek. I have never ever had one issue with these two. Medicine on time, makes sure all my meds. are ok to take with all other ones im on. Now with these new ones coming in. It's awful. The wait is unheard of. Funny though how Mark Stryczek can still handle all this. If nothing is done with this Samuel Kubas, im taking all my prescriptions out including my 6 family members. I do not know how he's a pharmacist, let alone a manager, he can't count. As I said they were filled 10/07/19 31 days in Oct. makes Nov.5th 30 day's. two day's before is th 3rd. Not worried about the day, just upset with his unprofessionalism, an making it inconvenient for me. Thank You! Sharon L. Tutino I also called this in. [protected]

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