Rhino Enginesvery poor service


Prior to ordering an engine I called the sales dept. to get an est. on how long it would take to get the engine. I was told by the salesman, "if I ordered it on a Monday, it would be shipped to me by Friday. The engine was ordered on 8/18/2008, today is 10/08/2008 and no engine has been shipped. I call almost daily and get no help. I did finally get to cancel the order. Now when I call about my money being refunded I am told there is no person I can talk to about when I'll get it back. We get no returned phone calls, no responses to e-mails, and get threatened when I do actually talk to someone.


  • Dennis Oct 15, 2008

    I have a lot of issues with Rhino Engines and Transmissions also know as:
    Blue Venture Solutions, Inc
    144 Village Lndg, Fairport, NY 14450-1804, United States
    Phone: (585) 869-6818

    Currently been waiting on my engine for over a month. Order was place-
    9/08/08 currently 10/15/08

    I've been told it's a part issue. should go out next week.

    I hope to get my engine soon and that there are no problems with it as much hassel as I've already gone through with " Tim " Customer Sevice Manager and the amount of money spent on a rental car. I'll update this later with current info as it come avalible.

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  • Da
    David Sloan Oct 27, 2008

    Prior to ordering an engine I was told that they had one available. If I ordered now that they could ship it. Delivery would be in 2 days and I expected 3. I ordered it on Sept.27, 2008. Today is Oct.27, 2008 and still the motor has not been shipped. Every time I call they come up with a new excuse, and a new shipment date. The salesman pass the problem on to shipping, they pass it on to production, they pass the problem on to parts. And the supervisors have no answers. They want to use a high pressure tactic to assure you that they are taking care of the problem. Yet they still can't give me a shipment date or tracking number or even when the motor will come out of production. I've been without a vehicle for all this time, which is starting to cost me alot of money. I thought I was buying from a reputable company. Now, I'm afraid that I may have lost over $4, 000. I tried to cancel the order and asked for a refund. I was told that there were parameter's that had to be followed. First the order had to be canceled and the supervisor could not tell me how long that would take in order to start the refund process. I don't think I'll ever see my money again.

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  • Do
    Doug Gray Oct 29, 2008

    I ordered an engine on 08/08. On 9/19 I cancelled the order because they never shipped and constantly told me they had problems getting parts. After dozens of calls and dozens of promises they have still not issued my refund (as of 10/29). Tim in customer service apparently has no last name. Cindy reads from the same script as Tim. Christina at Blue Ventures has no clue about other employees or when a refund will be issued. Now I am going to have to proceed with a lawsuit.

    Interestingly, Rhino Engines web is hosted by webbyproxy whose sole intent is to protect the identity of the domain owners. Old info on the web show Tim Cone as the owner when it was hosted by Wild West Domains. Now I have to include this webbyproxy host on my lawsuit for providing Blue Ventures the means to perpetrate consumer fraud.

    I contacted the BBB and they got no response from Rhino and are now listed as unreputable by them. The New York State Attorney's consumer fraud division sent them my complaint and I'm sure that will have no effect either.

    Now I'm off to the court system. I wish I had found this info when I investigated the company before my purchase.

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  • Fr
    Fred koester Nov 05, 2008

    Very similar experience. I have caught them in lies many times. They currently will not refund the money from a cancelled order (they couldn't ship as promised). I would suggest ATK engines. Got an engine in 2 days, swapped it out the next week, had the core picked up and got the core refund in a week.
    ATK shipped from Dallas. I find it interesting that Rhino was also shipping from Dallas. My guess is that they both buy from the same source but that Rhino can't pay their bill so shipping is COD for Rhino.

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  • Ro
    Roy Taylor Nov 20, 2008

    I also have had the same problems over a month and a half now and still no ship date. I keep getting told waiting on parts, and the latest was some parts failed testing. However noone can ever seem to give me any specifics on anything. They just keep saying production updates come in every wednesday but they wont be in my system till late Wednesday so call Thursday morning to get Wednesday's update, but on thursday you get shipping updates come every 24 hrs so call back on Friday to get the shipping update from thursday for the production update on wednesday. Furthermore I was promised it would be shipped the day after I ordered. When it wasnt shipped I got told the old the one that was showing in stock somebody must have just ordered it ahead of you, because ... yep you guessed it purchasing updates only come in on a 24 hr basis. What I find ammusing is I have called sales 15 times over this month and a half and every time I get told its in stock and ready to ship out tomm. When I recently brought this little GEM of information up to Cindy she floundered for a few seconds before she came out with quite possibly the greatest lie they have concieved yet in a pinch and I quote " Sir Rhino Engines is a very large corporation, and we currently have many of your type of engine being ordered more than likely what is happening is we are getting all of these engines in for that model for other people that are ahead of you and that is making it seem as though it is in stock when it is not, This is a problem we are aware of and are working dilligently to update our computer systems to fix this problem." I then asked how many people where ahead of me and was of course told she had no way to populate that data. I would really love to screw these people over anyway that I can if anyone has any suggestions please I am open to them.

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  • Ro
    Ronald Adler Nov 21, 2008

    I am currently having the same experience with RHINO Engines and Transmissions. They stonewall me everytime I contact them and never return my calls. I am almost resigned to the probability that I will not get my money back, the only gratification I may be able to get is to help others avoid falling victom.

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  • Ga
    Gary B Dec 02, 2008

    I've gone thru the same song and dance with this so-called company. Has anyone out there ever recived an engine from them? Before I ordered from them, I checked the BBB and there where no listing. Now there is and I'm sure there will be more. I'll do my best to see these a-holes get theirs!
    Att. Gen. 585/546-7430

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  • Ja
    jasontfrank Dec 02, 2008

    so now what i got fckd too

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  • Ra
    R Almer Dec 03, 2008

    I like to be kissed on the back of the neck and told how pretty I am when I'm being bent over! Try waiting 10 weeks!! Finely Tim calls after an email I sent (below) and tells me they will give me an extra $50.00 on my core return for my inconvenience. Yea right! In the same conversation, he states that if the motor can't be sent by Fri. the order would be canceled and a full refund will be credited. Just quit blowing smoke up my A#!, it's getting hard to breathe. Gee ya think I'll get that $50 for my troubles? Someone needs to slit that ### throat!!

    In Reference To: order # ----

    I seem to be having trouble starting my Jeep. All other Restorations, repairs and modifications were pulled of without a hitch ! I just can't seem to get the motor to turn over at all. Ohh ! ! That's right ! ! I still don't have it yet ! ! Thought you techies might have a quick fix that I am unaware of.
    OK. All sarcasm aside, on Sept. 26 2008 I ordered a 1984 Jeep Cherokee 2.8L Remanufactured Engine. During such time, I have patiently awaited it's shipment. I understand some issues may arise when acquiring parts for such an aged motor. I am also aware a few other original factory production woes. ( as we all know the 84-86 2.8L V6 was not one of GM's greatest feats. ) I can not however, understand lack of ( or nonexistence of ) customer service I have received in the last nine weeks. I call to check up on my order and am told "I don't have any information on my computer yet. Call back in a couple of days". I call again, "I don't have any shipment information, call back middle of next week. It might have even been shipped by the time you call". After about four weeks I was told parts had failed inspection causing the delay, however, all parts were now in and I should expect shipment by the middle of the following week. Well, not so. I even skipped a week, even 10-12 days (that's working days) before inquiring about my still not here motor. Throughout these past weeks (now going on 10 !!) I have not received a call an email or even a go F#*K Yourself from anyone. All I have asked when I have called, is some info letting me know what has transpired during these past eight to nine weeks. Unfortunately, customer service does not have the ability nor the care to acquire such information from manufacturing. I am at a loss with such a reputable co. To add I'd like to mention the fact that you have been paid in full, and I am making payments on a motor that I have yet to receive. Additional interest has also accrued on the $250.00 core that I would have returned for credit months ago.
    As you know in these growing hard times, a skilled craftsman needs his dependable daily driver to transport himself and his tools to work every day. So Please, anyone fill me in on what the F*#Ks up! This is my last effort. The next step will have to be cancelation and actions to collect any other loses due to our default transaction.
    Still trying to wait patiently,
    RD (well not anymore)

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  • Ra
    R Almer Dec 03, 2008

    I can see a class action suit!!!

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  • Dennis Dec 12, 2008

    I have commented and filed complaints but here's what I got out of all of this.
    DO NOT CANCLE. DO DISPUTE. Call your credit card company and dispute for produce not received that was paid for. Next If you have not called Monroe Co. Att. Gen at 585-546-7430 and Monroe County Sheriff s at 585-753-4178 and file a report, Please do ASAP. With out a report charges can't be filed.
    I got my engine after waiting over 2 months and $1, 500. in rental fees not including gas. still waiting on that core pick-up and refund but I don't imagine I'll see that. To Tim and Cindy " Go ### Yourself "

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  • Cl
    CLA Dec 24, 2008

    I hate to break it to all of you but our problems began in 2004 and still are not resolved. We had the same problems as you have had. We ordered an engine for an S-10 in 2004. We did receive the engine, had it installed by a certified engine mechanice and voila - the engine was no good. They finally sent a replacement engine which he had installed by an engine shop and guess what - it was the wrong engine. The third engine is still sitting in the truck which is sitting outside at the engine shop rotting away. the custom rims have rusted out, the floor board has rusted through and it goes on and on. The was a restored 87 S-10. They will do nothing. They will not pay their bill, they will not replace the engine and they will not refund our money. They claim it is all our fault - we did something wrong. Warranty bounces you to sales and sales bounces you to warranty. They are the most obnoxious, rude crew I have ever dealt with. I have even been called the "loud mouthed bit.. in the background by greg. At one point Tim promised full payment within 2 days so my son rented a car. His choice was to lose his job. $1500 in car rental later he bought on old truck just to get to work and back. He just lost his job because of personal problems directly related to this company.
    HOWEVER - TIM CONE is the "so called" president of the outfit. And he lies. I would like to suit them and believe we could all do this together.

    I agree, call the attorney general today. The more complaints, the more chance of success that they will have to perform their job or reimburse.

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  • Cl
    CLA Dec 24, 2008

    OOOPS. My problems began in 2007, not 2004 as I stated above. By the way, I called the Monroe Atty General number above and they are going to mediate. They have had multiple complaints and knew the company immediately by name.

    Thank you for that info.

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  • Ja
    Jay Anderson Dec 24, 2008

    I too will be calling the Atty General to lodge my complaint. It is amazing that they have remained in bussiness this long.

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  • Ke
    keith pelton Jan 04, 2009

    I totally agree, these aholes need to be shut down for good.I think the better business bureau need to take alook at these complaints.Tim and his foney Cindy that nows nothing but lies can kiss my ###!!!

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  • St
    Standman Jan 14, 2009

    BEWARE! I think the same guys are now operating as Gator engines.

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  • Br
    Brian Jan 21, 2009

    I had a warranty claim on an engine from Rhino Engines. They had me contact ATK, who is the manufacturer of the engine. ATK was fantastic about handling the warranty claim, and they submitted a payment to Rhino for the portion that was covered by warranty. Guess what? I have not recieved the payment from Rhino. I also can not get them to return any phone calls. ATK suggested that I contact this A-hole "Tim". Still no luck. Now they suggested that I take legal action just as they have.

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  • Mi
    Mike Jan 24, 2009

    Got my engine no problem, in reasonable time, June 08 timeframe, though I did call once. They told me they were waiting on parts, but it came pretty soon after. And to date, no problem with the Honda replacement engine. My problem is getting my $200 core refunded. The only time they did answer the phone, I was told they were running behind, but I should see it in two weeks. That was a month ago. I haven't been able to talk to any of them since. Pretty frustrated, but glad to know I'm not the only one. There's strength in numbers

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  • Ge
    George Jan 25, 2009

    Extremely poor service! I have had the same problems as everyone else on this page. Excuses all along the way, no engine for 3 months, poor or no service, and NEVER received core charge back. I will be calling the monroe county sheriffs office, att general, and better business bureau. My engine blew up in less than 3k miles and no call backs or answers to emails. I will get my money back and if there is a class action on them I would love to be in on it.

    By the way if any one needs the numbers for the offices to file the same problems like I did, which you should to get your money back and stop them, call these numbers:
    Monroe Co. Att. Gen at 585-546-7430
    Monroe County Sheriff s at 585-753-4178
    NY Monroe County Better Business Bureau at 716-881-5222
    or 800-828-5000

    thank you dennis for original post of numbers

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  • Lb
    LButler Feb 07, 2009

    Sounds like these jerks are screwing a lot of people over. I purchased a Rhino engine two years ago (12/07). They were quick to send the engine but a year later the engine was leaking water. I called Rhino engines and they sent the replacement parts and told me to pay the labor and they would reimburse me. I am glad that they sent the parts b/c my truck runs fine now, but the labor that is supposed to be covered under warranty was $700.00. I was told by the warranty dept. that the check was processed and I would receive it in three weeks. Well it has been four months now and I have been calling and leaving messages everyday for the last two months. NO ONE HAS CALLED ME BACK. The email address I have for Craig Smith is no longer a working email and I can not get anyone from any dept. to call me. I am thinking of flying to NY to find some ###s to "talk" to.

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