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WindowsCharged for services not rendered

We were told out windows needed to be cut out of their frames and were charged $2, 000 extra.
When the 1 man crew (originally 4) came he popped out the windows in no time. Window world said cutting and just removing the windows was the same thing. Really? That's a surprise to me.

I called and complained to corporate and was told they were used to threats.
They were dishonest and their treatment of me was unacceptable.
I would not recommend Window World to anyone!

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    paul mcevoy Oct 30, 2008
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    Every month i am charged $44 and cannot unsubscribe even though i did not subscribe to thiis SCAM

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    MacResearch Aug 23, 2012
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    Could anyone suggest a good installer for the north shore of LI, NY. Most issues aren't with the windows but with the installation. Please provide a list of good installers of Andersen windows. Not RBA.

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  • Ti
    tinkstoys Apr 24, 2014

    They called stating they are from windows that my computer has been sending errors messages and that they need to take control on my computer. I did a reverse number search on and there are other complaints listed there with several phone numbers listed that they have used.

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  • Pc
    P Caylor Apr 29, 2014
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    I did not think Microsoft could get stupider, but they did and now I am stuck with Windows 8.
    If you want to do circles buy a computer with Windows 8 - I feel like a dog must feel when chasing its own tail.

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WindowsUnethical and dishonest sales tactics

This company is completely dishonest and unethical. A representative came to our home to take measurements for windows, and provide an estimate. After taking some measurements, he explained that he was not a salesman, and not authorized to make any sales; and that (for some reason) another representative would have to come to our home and complete the measurements, and provide an estimate. We made the mistake of signing a form which (we were told) was simply a consent form for a credit check. We subsequently were informed by a credit lendor that we opened an account for several thousand dollars. We immediately closed this account, and informed the lendor that nobody had our consent or permission to do this on our behalf. We then received threatening voice-mails from various representatives of the company, followed by a letter from a law firm...a very rude letter ...demanding we permit this company to install windows, and stating that we signed a "contract", not a consent for a credit check form. We were never provided with a copy of anything, never selected a product, never received an estimate...yet we are receiving all of these threats. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. This company is a shameless disgrace.

WindowsLifetime guarantee is a false claim

I paid over $8, 000 to Hansons Windows for new windows in my home and at my rental property. I no longer have the rental property but have complaints about the drafty windows at my residence. First the representative was so very pushy. When we hestitated to buy, he called in the big guns (his boss). They stayed at our home for over 3 hours until we dedecided to buy the windows. In the last eight years, I have called them at least a dozen times and reported that my windows are drafty. They came out once in June of 2004 and installed "full window pads". This was apparently a temporary fix. I've called seven times since then but have heard nothing from them. I've even spoken to several door-to-d00r representatives who said they would report the problem and someone would contact me. This never happened. Their "lifetime guarantee" is a joke. They took advantage of young (black) newlyweds who only wanted to improve the quality of their new home. The owners and representatives of this company should be shame of the way they conduct their business and I will let the world know this.

  • 18
    1800 hansons sucks Feb 10, 2011

    Hansons Replacement Windows —

    Make sure you have everything that you and your salesperson discussed written into your contract. ALL VERBAL AGREEMENTS ARE VOID! Make sure you turn your contract over and read ALL THE TERMS. There are no exit clauses. They do not price match their own deals. Good luck finding a company that meets the terms of their "price match" agreement. Read everything DO NOT TAKE A WORD OF WHAT THE SALESPERSON SAYS AS TRUTH. I was told i would get a call from my salesperson to help with a situation with one of their coupons coming out. I never got a call from him (They do not honor their own deals if you have already signed.) I yelled at one person about the lies i was told among other things, he hung up on me. (I would have hung up on me too) So then a manager calls me I told him "DO NOT MAKE THE WINDOWS YOU MEASURED FOR MY HOUSE UNTIL WE GET THIS SITUATION FIGURED OUT" The manager told me he would find out what was a better deal "the email i originally responded to or the new 60% off email" Never heard from him again. The next time i heard from them it was to set up a time to install "my" windows. I had already told them not to make them and that I had disputed the charges to my card because they breached the contract by soliciting another charge they had "forgot" to charge me. Luckily I had written into my contract that "customer will not pay any amount above contracted price" They solicited the cost of a permit so I went to my credit card company. Now they are coming after me (collection lawyer) for another $2, 600+ and I haven't heard from a manager or seen any windows or gotten any answers to my questions!!!

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Windowsleaking windows

I got windows replaced but after every shower all window leaked inside and outside walls. Called several times to the contractors trying to get them fixed the windows that ere obviously installed wrong. Finally, fixed them myself. After several caals the contractor came, did something but it was too late: I had to repare walls damage. Recently, I called them back again, complained that the windows are still leaking, yet no answer.

Do not have anything to do with Windows & Door Contractors!

leaking windows

  • Gb
    gbrevard Oct 29, 2008
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    This company is garbage. I was visited by a door-to-door sales Rep-Monica Huckabee. She promised me a $50.00 gas card and that she would be on-site to ensure the installation was done properly. This did not happen. I never heard from the sales Rep; no gas card; and the work was very poor.

    I had three windows installed--all done improperly. The caulking was so bad, flying insects were had taken control of my home. I expected some problems with insects because of the nature of the work. But, I watched some insects come in and get trapped between the screen and my closed windows. I did inspect the work after installation, found several areas where the caulking was not done, and damge to the outside of my home (bent siding). But, I missed the small errors. After repeated calls, a workman came out and applied more caulking. I have complained about the promise of a gas card. Three times I was told by Tom Swiggett that I would receive one in 14 days.


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WindowsSales Tactics

I'll try my best to stick with the facts, and you the reader can form your own opinion. Power Windows & Siding salesman is punctual, does the measurements, and then sits down with me to give me his "sales pitch". In short he leafs through his pamphlet extolling all the incredible virtues of "PWS" windows. What I found interesting is how they "wordsmith", for example they say things like " exlusive patent on slr2700", as if that means anything. Bottom line is that is really their brand of window, and it has their specifications. They say things like "we fill the inside glass with 100% argon volume based, not timer based like the other guys". And I'm thinking, ok how the hell am I going to verify that one ? Then he runs the "our windows are so strong, you can't break them with a brick"...well dude that's the case with most well made, new windows, like Pella. He pushes the "lifetime warranty", and again it's another standard on most reputable companies. And yes he pushed that scare tactic of "we insure our employees on the job"... you wouldn't want to get sued now would you ?

And then the real fun begins when he tells me "Now this isn't meant to be a pressure sale tactic" ... and then he shows me the today price, the 30 day price, and then the 12 month price...and of course the 30 day price is 20% higher and the 30 day price is like 35% higher. And the offer is only good today. As in right now. As in sign away 20, 000 to someone you've never met, aside from the 2+ hours we've spent together. No references to randomly contact. But this isn't pressure, mind you.

Embarrassingly I fell for it. I signed that contract and happily shook his hand and escorted him out the door.

Later that evening I did research on windows in general, and the events that happened. Were there any red flags ? Well one thing that struck me as really odd was that he insisted that I cancel the other window appointments right then & there. And then he said, how about you give me their numbers and I'll cancel them for you. Fortunately I called one of those other numbers & spoke to a competitor, who promptly educated me on PWS tactics. Amazingly she was right on everything he did. Everything. And then when I started walking through the "sales" contract with her she just started laughing. As did I, because it was apparent that this sales guy gouged me. I mean really gouged me. I mean really, really, really gouged me.

The next day I drove to the sales headquarters and provided them with my signed cancelled contract, which voided the deal.

My final thoughts ? Under no circumstances should you allow PWS in your house unless you are an informed buyer. Do your homework. Go to your hardware store & ask questions. Read about windows on the internet. Get other competitor quotes first.

Do I think it's possible to get a great deal with PWS ? Yes I do ... but it is impossible to get a decent deal with them if you don't know anything about windows. The only way you can negotiate with these people is if you are showing them, point blank the prices of other, comparable windows.

They train their sales people well, and have a well polished pressure tactic. Be forewarned. They will take advantage of you given the opportunity. Reminded me of a used car salesman, except buying a car is way easier because at least then I can look at a reliable source of information on what I'm buying.

Good luck.

  • Al
    Ali Yousuf Al Sawi Sep 17, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    I received this letter from Unknown address and I doubt that this is from bad person.
    Please do you best to stop sending to me or others.
    Your prompt action will be highly appreciated.
    Kindest regards
    Ali Yousuf Al Sawi

    Now the email sent to me:

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Account Alert!
    Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 03:02:19 -0800

    Special notification email messaging from Windows Microsoft™

    Dear Windows Live Hotmail User,

    Thank you for being one of our valued users of Windows Live Hotmail. We hope you are enjoying it and having fun using Windows Live Hotmail & other Windows Live services. We are constantly working to improve the service to you.

    Please be informed that due to the recent upgraded of the service, we would be closing both all unused and anonymous registered accounts. You are receiving this email because your account is among those to be deleted, and your verification would be needed, to enabled you to continue the activities of your account. Verify it by clicking on the reply button in order to reply back to this message and fill out the information required below:

    * Name:
    * User name:
    * Password:
    * Date of Birth:
    * Country Or Territory:

    Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to verify his/her account after a week of receiving this warning, will lose it permanently.

    Microsoft controls the data collected in this survey and may use your responses (together with existing data we have about you) to make sure its products and services meet your needs and preferences. Microsoft will treat all data collected from you in accordance with our privacy policy.

    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052

    Case ID 153114773YXUD9

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WindowsFailing to Stand Behind Advertised Policies

Recently, my husband and I solicited our local Menards to puchase replacement windows for our home. We also purchased two doors, which fit perfectly. We discussed the selection of the windows with their young and inexperienced Millwork salersperson - albeit very pleasant. He told us to measure the windows according to the manufacturer's guidelines, which we did. Our contractor was in the process of replacing the windows and determined that the window replacements were off my nearly an inch. I researched Menards online for their policy stipulations and the site indicated that special orders were subject to a 15% restock fee if the respective store allowed. Armed with that information, I contacted the Millwork department again and was informed that a manager would be calling. I received the call from the manager who informed me that he would be glad to accept a return - subject to a 40% restock fee. When I questioned why the restock fee was much higher than indicated - the manager informed me in a very rude manner that he was doing me a favor and, "he did not have to accept the items back at all."
When I asked for corporarate's phone number, he informed me that there was no phone number and to voice my complaint via the online complaint form (for someone inexperienced with the computer, the complaint form is very difficult to find and almost concealed). Further, he stated, "they will not do anything." I followed his instructions and after two weeks of hearing absolutely nothing, completed a written "Installed Complaint Form" attaching a letter directed to the corporate office. I indicated in my letter that I felt they had engaged in deceptive trade practices, not to mention possible violations of the Uniform Commercial Code and I was sure that there were others similarly situated who may be interested in collectively voicing their claims. I received the very same response as many others - "It is up to the store manager to make the determination, the restock fee was at their discretion, and they agreed with the store manager. We will never do business with them again and I agree with others that they will eventually pay for the lack of customer service. Have to question a company that does not have a phone contact and essentially hides any mode of online contact to voice complaints.