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Vector Marketing/CutcoManagers

Ok I wont deny that the Cutco products are amazing, but that is the only good thing that I can say about this company.
The managers are so monotone that no one can even tell when they are trying to make a joke, which shows that it is all scripted and fake. The secretaries are so unprofessional in their sandals and shorts playing games on the computers.
The offices are all the same, three room places that are so hidden. The only things there are two tables, one computer and a board with things that dont even make sense. Point is, they look like they could take off at any minute with no hassle or trace.
They brag about bussines trips and 50k pay checks. That little boy that was called the manager had a piece of ### car. How could he get paid so much yet I have a better car and im not even making as much as he does?
Needless to say I didnt go back. And im happy that I didnt cuz now I've seen that kid around a couple times and he still looks like he is full of ###. I pitty all the people that they brainwashed.
Dont take that ### job from Vector, just keep going to school...One day you will graduate and see those ###s how I saw that little boy.

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    • Te
      TearLily Oct 30, 2013

      I completely agree with everything you said except for the sandals and shorts part for the receptionist. I was hired as a receptionist there for a little while and I wore a business suit or at least slacks and a nice shirt and heels at all times. I never did the whole sales rep thing but I see it for what it is. The whole thing truly is scripted. I had to read off a script completely and got criticized every call for not going straight off the script. They would sit there and tell me to read it word for word but to try to be myself. How contradicting is that? The District manager was a guy who was monotone and sat there telling me about the first time he made 50k in a year and this and that for trips yet he does drive a car older and more worn down then mine. Another thing that irritated me is that he would say how much he has helped people and how people kept coming to him and telling him how much he changed their life. Everything you said was dead on. I feel like we experienced almost the identical thing. The products were super nice which is a shame that it was with a company like that.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Vector Marketing/CutcoThe Truth

    Vector advertises $16 base pay and training and no experience required, etc, etc.
    Sounds like a great job, right?!


    I went in, falling for this, and was hired within 3 days.
    They give nearly word for word scripted speeches and tell you how great they are and just how much money you'd make. All that to lure you in.
    There is, trust me, catches, and major ones at that.

    Their base pay is based on appointments you make, and they have to be with married couples over 25 years of age to receive this pay. Any single, unemployed, or 25- will NOT get you base pay.
    You are responsible for you own appointments, and getting to and from them. YOUR gas, YOUR MONEY.
    Not to mention the "Free merchandise" they give when you sell YOU buy, for them.
    After a while, you're going to run out of references and then when you ask for more from the company they simply say to keep looking.
    Not to mention you aren't an employee but an "independent contractor."
    This gives them the benefit of giving you NO benefits.

    Their training:
    It's unpaid. This is the only company I know who does this, even other scams give paid training,
    and this should be your first if not second warning flag.
    They spend the training giving you a manual to read, and fill blanks in.
    For hours you listen to them preach about their products and practice reading out of the book.
    At the end of every session you are given an assignment, much like homework .
    You do several hours, for three to four days.

    At the end of the training, that is when they bring the Kit up.
    You'd think they'd train you and give you the kit.
    They give you a contract to fill out and sign and PAY for the kit.
    It includes most knives mentioned, rope, leather and two other items not really needed.
    You will pay up to $150 for this kit.
    When you want (or if you want) to return it, they will take it from you, just to "take out the rope and leather"
    ask anyone who receives their kit back, two knives go missing.
    Not only do they do this, but they say 75% will give you a full refund .
    and is completely FALSE.

    Vector Marketing is a scam in more ways and from all positions,
    they target needy college students, to take more than they will ever give.


    Students against Vector Exploitation
    Personal people who have been scammed by Vector are working to put an end to it,
    if you'd like to help, this petition has 15k+ signatures as I post it.
    I am not asking you to,
    but if you feel it's right, do so.
    I did.

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      • Ka
        Kasers Nov 16, 2013
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        My, name is Kasey and this last summer, despite what a friend, who was a former, ripped-off employee told me, I desperately jumped at this job opportunity.

        I received a call from Vector Marketing the previous year before I was 18. And they called me every two months until I was 18. I thought to myself, "wow, I must have impressed someone somewhere." I wasn't suspicious at the time as to why they were so persistent. But I was looking for a summer job so this was perfect. I'd been lookng forward to making money since their first call.

        What was weird though was that the secretary sounded about the same age as me and did not sound at times like she knew what she was talking about. She was very vague about what the job entailed and told me that all my questions would be answered at the interview. I thought this strange, but the next day, I went for it.

        I walked into the "office" the very next day, .and what I saw were metal folding tables and chairs, and the tables were covered in dollar store, red plastic tablecloths. The place also had a slight and unpleasant pungent smell. I ignored that after I saw some other people at the tables either filling out applications or practicing knife demonstration3s. I was NOT impressed by the lack of cleanliness. It was quite disgusting.
        I met the Tacoma, WA office manager and his name was Ryan Geronimo. He seemed well put together but he wasn't as polite and energetic as I was expecting. His.personality was somewhat drab and his voice monotone.

        I was almost hired instantly on the spot . But the third day of 5 hour seminars were taking a toll on my ###. I didn't know how much more I could take of those metal chairs! Anyway, by then we had been forced to memorize everyone's names. I felt it was a waste of time. If I wanted to socialize, I would go back to school. I met some nice people there and we worked together on those awful scripts.

        The first weekend I was there, an out of town seminar took place in Vancouver, .WA. I was surprised when the manager was handing out twenty dollar bills to my fellow employees.and I got some as well. The seminar consisted of large, .hyped up demonstrations and district awards. It was pretty boring.

        I had worked for two and a half weeks, making a total of 20 appointments and making sales in up to$600. I asked my manager when I would be getting my check and he said I would get it when I put the orders in and make them final. I was shocked, .because I.had been told I make base pay based from.the amount of appointments I go to. He was caught off guard and agreed with me but then informed me.that I would not get the full amount because I took the $20 from him the day of the seminar. I was a little ticked off that he had not told me before. On top of that, .he had been shaming me all week for not selling up to $1000 worth of knives. At that point, my doubts were beginning to take form.

        Another week passed and I finally got my paycheck. $176.
        In three weeks working a minimum job with the hours I had put in, I would have made triple that. My doubts had been confirmed about that dump.

        I.went in the following Monday and talked to the manager and told him in a polite way that I no longer wished to be an employee. He was such a Dick about it. Saying that I was not trying hard enough and that if I did, I would see results. I told him that my resources were limited and I tried the best to my abilities. He then tried making me watch this bull sh*t YouTube video about the law of attraction. I had enough.

        I cashed my paycheck and never looked back. Thankfully, I wasn't duped into buying the knives, and the while I was there he had me doing the secretaries job (which she got paid hourly)! I felt like an idiot and that I gaff wasted valuable time.

        They said that this was a great learning experience and good for a resume. But my future employers laughed when they had seen that I worked for these [censored].

        Although it was not great, it definitely was a learning experience. You have to be able to identify scammers and not become a statistic.

        If anyone has any questions regarding my experience, please email me at [email protected]

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      • Anti Cutco Movement Mar 03, 2011

        Vector Marketing has been around (or so they claim) since 1981. They have more disgruntled former employees than any other company that I know of. How do they stay in business? Simple, they feed off of the sales of their victim's (hired sales reps) friends and families and rip off both them and the sales rep (they still owe me at least $100). They also post ads on EVERY job sight and social network in existence! And they hand out flyers at schools.

        Why I claim it's a damn spam fraud scam: When I went in for the interview the conman giving the presentation
        said, in short; "Our customers order from an online catalog and you have to demonstrate the products."
        He did not even hint that I would have too find my own customers, or that I'd be doing the actual selling!
        These are two MAJOR details I did not even find out about this until the 2nd training day! And by then I felt committed and would be scorned for quitting so soon. I should have just walked out and fled at the next break in the training.

        You see back then, I only thought people got conned by insurance and credit card companies. Any personal investigation into a job was done on the BBB. And for reasons that I still do not know, almost every Vector office has a B to A+ rating on the BBB site.

        How we, the former reps of Vector can put them out of business: Like I said before, Vector gets it's $ from the short-term profit of temporary sales reps which they hire by the hundreds. If we cut off the 'fuel' by going to sites like facebook and myspace as well as all job sights and expose them for what they are then we might just have a chance at doing something about this horrid company.

        I'm thinking of composing emails to some major colleges and high schools to worn them about the practices of Vector's recruiting methods. You can help with this. by doing what I'm doing, raising awareness.

        Every one who posts a complaint about Vector Marketing has a valid reason. Which is that they wore all deceived in one way or another. Despite that I found out this job was not for me, I gave it my best shot at the circumstances I had. The managers could have at least said you tried. But instead refused to understand that asking people you just met for leads is just plain wrong. I don't care if it's my fault I don't have leads to call. It's totally unrealistic to think that you're customers, my friends and family, would give me (or strangers) leads - let alone "a heads up" to them that I am after them for a demo.

        My biggest complaint?: One of the managers will accuse you of "failing" if you don't read/do exactly what the
        manuel says. Even if you try your own sound ideas.

        Final thought: Vector managers earn money off of the short lived reps so they will spend what free time they
        have to counteract the negative stories that many people have posted. They will try to lure as many kids as possible into selling for them. As such, Vector Managers will pose as successful reps and claim that the former reps wore "lazy" (that's a common one), or that "this job is not for every one, but try anyway". They will even go so far as to just persecute them and insult them (calling them idiots and ###s). Or they will say something along the lines of: "MY EARNINGS TODAY WAS $$$$$$$!!! THAT'S YOUR MONTHLY PAYCHECK AT FLIPP'N BURGERS! HUZZAH!".

        I'm already expecting backlash from readers that are vector managers and real successful reps that are just full of them selves. You have to be an @$$hole to get rich off of this company, but at what cost? The cost of the blood, sweat and tears of former reps.

        Regards, Anti Cutco Movement


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      • Dr
        dragonluver123 Dec 18, 2010
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Im with ya. vector screwed me over 2. i actually lost money when worked for them. not ta mention that i had to pay for so much gas

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      • Ap
        apps44cal Dec 09, 2010
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I agree with this post. Why do you think their are no adults doing this and why do you think nobody stays there? Vector may not be a scam but it is evil to prey on college kids and their families. I almost sent my sister there not knowing what it was until they started with the harassing phone calls and emails for her to come in for an interview. I knew then that it was bad news and I looked it up online and before I even finished typing the word 'vector' ...the word SCAM popped up. Please don't be fooled. You may make a tiny bit of money there if your family buys something from you but after that you're done.

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      • Je
        jetchicken Nov 30, 2010
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        It's not a scam. It's a sales gig. For anyone that thinks it's a scam "based on experience", I advise you stay away from sales jobs your entire life. Their program is designed to weed out the week minded and undisciplined.

        Anyone complaining about base pay is ###ed. Vector is a commission job. I worked for Vector for 2 summers in high scholl/college. It was a tough but rewarding experience.

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      • Ar
        arianaxrose Oct 05, 2010

        I worked for Vector for about a month. I agree that the "training" was pretty bs. Only because it was 3 days for 6 hours of unpaid "training." Which the I learned nothing from. But, I did not have to pay for my kit, I had to write them a check, which they said they'd keep until/if I didn't return the kit or something happened to it. They showed us two huge folders full of checks from people that worked for the company (uncashed) So, I wrote the check, got my kit and started working. I ran out of HM3's very shortly (which should be expected from someone who's only 19) and when I asked them for more they gave me more numbers to call and set up appointments. I didn't sell anything but I got a really good check. I've heard from a lot of people online not to trust them. But I think the one I worked for was much different. I no longer work there now becuase I thought it was really stupid to have a meeting for 5 hours almost every day that I wasn't getting paid for. But other than not getting paid for the meetings, training and setting the apts up, I don't think it was all that bad.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Vector Marketing/CutcoRepost of another user's experiance

      I am reposting another user's story regarding the Multi-level marketing company Cutco and its sale's arm Vector Marketing. For those of you who don't know what Multi-level marketing is, check out wikipedia:

      Anyway, this is a repost from RcV's complaint from a user named Mesaly, who posted the following in the comments section (be aware that there are active astroturfers using Raidan6 software to locate complaints and are paid to downplay complaints and destroy public participation. Do not engage them, they are trolls and will harass you like the church of Scientology does to defectors.):

      "for those of you who think vector/cutco is not a scam, here's my experience...

      I'm a college student and was at school when i saw a booth that read "$16 pay". So of course it caught my attention. I signed up and recieved a phone call later that day in order to schedule an interview. I went to the interview the next day and was hired. I was told there was job training i had to attend (6 hours for each day, 3 days in total). I attended & their enthusiasm was contagious. I was very excited to start selling. And to be honest, the $153 security deposit on the kit we recieve didn't bother me much (although i don't know how they expected us to give money without having made any yet). I gave my deposit, recieved my kit, & started calling people i knew that i could possibly set an appointment up with.

      Then little things began to bother me. For one, i felt really pushed to call people. Some people didn't mind, but i personally didn't enjoy it. Secondly, we were told that if we got 4 yes's (references) from our clients then they get a free peeler. I asked how would they get the free peeler, seeing as the only one we had was the one in our kit. And the manager said "all you have to do" is come to the office, buy a peeler for $4, and go back to the house and give it to them. WTF??? why would i have to buy it? i understand it's only $4, but that's MY $4. it could be 25 cents for all i care, but they can't tell me how to spend my money. So at this point i was getting suspicious. But still i didn't want to give up yet. That weekend i had a few appts. and i gave myself an assignment: my this weekend i have to decide whether or not i want to continue with this company. after my first 2 appts. i already knew. matter of fact i was so sure of my decision i cancelled the rest of my appts.

      here were the problems i encountered: 1) i hated the driving. location to location. it's not like everyone i know lives by each other. it was extremely inconvienent. 2) at first the "flexible" schedule is what really appealed to me, but i realized quickly that it wasn't for me. the majority of vector's employees are college students. meaning we each have our own schedule with classes & other activities. The spontaneity of the appt.'s were stressful because i had no idea when my next appt. would be so i couldn't really plan anything because i had NO IDEA when my next appt. would be 3) you know those sale people that call your house & bug the hell out of you? well yea, i was becoming one. we required to call our manager in the kitchen of our clients house after we finished our presentation. & if they didn't buy one of the more expensive knife sets then he really had me push them & i could see how it was irritating the client.

      so with an empty tank (of gas & energy), i had my mind set. i went to my managers office and quit. i sat there for 45 minutes listening to him trying to convince me to stay, but i wasn't budging so he finally gave in. he took out my contract and prepared to mail it to the company & gave me my copies. I told him i didn't want to keep my kit and i wanted my full refund back. He said i had ship it to the company through UPS but they would provide me with a sticker so i wouldn't have to pay for shipping. He took my bag to the back to remove the leather and rope (which we used to demonstrate the quality of the knives) and brought my bag back with the box i was going to ship it in. Now that i think of it, i should've had him remove the leather and rope while he was in his office. Let me to tell you why. You thought my Vector experience ended here huh? Wrong! The story continues, bare with me please...

      GOD BLESS my parents & uncles who convinced me i should take pictures of the knives before i sent it out so that the company couldn't claim they recieved damaged goods. Before i get into it let me tell you something: we were given 7 knives, 6 of which we had to wrap up in a SPECIFIC order in this red cloth. i was never skilled at wrapping the knives in the cloth, it always come out sloppy. And when i went to quit at Vector i wasn't sure if iwas going to give them my kit to ship in or have to do it myself. So while i was in the car, in the parking lot of the building which vector was located in, i checked everything in my bag thoroughly and tried to fold the knives neatly, but i couldn't. with that in mind let's get back to the story.

      i was told to wait 2 days before shipping my kit in, so i did and i didn't touch the kit until then. 2 days later i drove to UPS, parked my car, and took out my camera. I proceeded to take pictures of every knife. I soon realized that there were only 5 knives in the cloth. Hmmm...strange right? I had checked them before i went to quit, so that meant only one thing. So i called my (ex)manager and informed him about my dilemma and he said that the knife must have "fell out". How could that be possible when his only job was to take out the leather and rope AND the knife that was missing was in the middle of the cloth (remember i said it was in a specific order). But i kept it professional and didn't accuse him of anything. I just said i wanted my knife back. He then told me "As long as you ship in 75% of the products, you'll get a full refund." how about a big LMAO to that. I told him i still want my knife because i would like to ship in all the products i recieved. He looked in the back and said he found it and that i could come and pick it up. So i did, but when i saw the knife it wasn't mine and it clearly had been used because there was gunk in the corners and a few scratches, but whatever i cleaned it, went back to UPS, and shipped in my kit.

      When i got home later that evening i looked over my contract to see if it really said only 75% of the products need to be recieved in order to get a full refund. and OF COURSE it didn't. It said i had to send in the complete package. I happened to look over the contents and began to get angry again when i realized that the peeler was not in the kit i sent. i was so focused on the missing knife that i forgot about the peeler. SO I CALLED AGAIN. and talked to both the assisstant manager & the manager & told them. Again they said the whole 75% bs. I told them that wasn't in the contract, but they said they've dealt with this multiple times and what they're saying is true *rolls eyes*. The manager knew i wasn't happy so told me that if they gave me any problems with my refund to call him back. After hanging up, i called the main company phone # and asked if that was true. The women on the phone said "No that's absolutely not true, you must send in everything to get all your money back."

      It's been over a week and I've been keeping track of my package through UPS tracking and it still hasn't reached New York yet (which is where the Vector manufacturing is located). I hope and pray this is where my story ends and i get my money back, we'll see!

      I hope someone learns from me. Take what you will from my story. But the moral of it is: Do NOT work for Vector!"

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        • Mo
          Mondevu Jul 02, 2010
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I'm glad that I found this review. I got an e-mail to come in for an interview with their Douglasville, GA office, so I followed through. The guy there claimed he was seeing what kind of people were applying for the job after asking me a few vague questiosn about my work experience and personality. He then said I'd get a phonecall or e-mail within the next 48 hours to let me know whether or not I made the cut. Here's what I got:

          You had a scheduled interview with Vector at the Douglasville office,
          which handles all the applications for your area on Wednesday, June 30th at 12:15 pm
          and for some reason missed your appointment.

          Would you please contact the main info line at [protected]
          and let the receptionist know what happened. If there is a legitimate
          reason for missing this interview, we would possibly arrange another one
          for you.

          If you have found other work and are no longer interested in an interview,
          we would like to know so that no one contacts you further.

          Thank you
          **end e-mail**

          I sent them a "professionally angry" comment on their website before I found this place. Thank you for posting this review. I now know not to bother with these selfish, idiotic people. For those of you wanting to know who to avoid, here's the address:

          4900 Stewart Mill Rd. Suite I
          Douglasville, GA 30135

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        • Te
          terry562 May 22, 2010
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          i had the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE with Vector Marketing. i felt like they were pushing me to do the work and i quit the same week. ( so did my girlfriend) returning my kit for full price and the shipment went well. DO NOT WORK FOR VECTOR MARKETING !!!

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