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Vacation PromotionsABSOLUTE FRAUD

I did not realize initially what I was getting into.
We underwent almost all of the things mentioned by many of the complainants have reported.
They initially approached as being the 'RCI'. Being a member of RCI, I immediately said 'YES' to the offer as it was a great one and approved the payment.

Once I received the package, I saw that there was no reference of RCI. I immediately called RCI to verify and got the reply that they never had such a package. It was already quite late by then as my 30 days were over. I started to have the feeling that maybe I had heard it all wrong.
Therefore, we decided to take the vacation. The famous lady named THERESA was the point of contact and appeared to be so sweet and totally unaware of any wrong doings. She assured me of so many more discounts once I was in Florida. Luckily, I did not fall for them as there was none. She even offered me to get the cheapest airfare, best rates for shows and what not, however, when it came to arranging for them no information came through.

Then started the process of reservations - all dates provided by her were wrong and crappy. After repeated reminders and innumerable phone calls got to get a few of them in order. Everytime, I had to keep calling till the last moment to get the bookings confirmed. Either the dates provided were wrong or the names appeared misspelt and what not. Finally I also had to pay for a couple of nights out of my pocket. Till the last moment, Ms. Theresa kept mentioning that it was not a problem and she will arrange for extension and finally she did not even come on the phone. She made someone else say that sorry those extra days cannot be arranged for and I will have to pay for it from my own pocket. I was fuming but at the same time had no other option.

I have read most of the fraud reports and learnt the lesson that before saying 'YES' to anything I should always go online and check for such frauds/scams.

Also, as per the initial documents recieved, there was a mention of attending a single presentation for the whole stay, but when I received the papers, there was a requirement of attending a presentation at every location that we were scheduled for. We went to five locations in 17 days and had to attend 5 presentations (the most gruelling experience) ever. When I mentioned about this before getting my air tickets booked, I was told (again my the hoarse voice of Ms. Theresa) that - Oh!!! there must have been some mistake, we will rectify it once you are here - nothing to worry. However, when we checked in at every location we were specifically reminded about attending these gruelling presentations - without which we would not be allowed for the free stay there and would have to pay on our own - so the modus operandi of these fraudsters was very clear i.e. trap them and put them in a situation from where there is no return.

If you do get trapped in any of these presentations - don't ever say 'YES' to any of them as what they are selling there is available at 1/20th of the price that they are offering there - DO NOT BE DUPED.

Further, all the places where they made us stay, the living conditions are not at all up to the standard, leave aside vacation resorts. They promise you a stay in nice places in all the locations but the conditions are far from satisfactory.
I am putting up my experience so that others can learn from this and stay away from the 'TRAP'.
Will definitely write about these fraudsters to all other places and complaint boards.
Hope this will be helpful for many of you.

Vacation PromotionsDifficult to get Refund

I was sucked into buying a package from this company for $500 and was given all the guarantees including the right to cancel for a full refund within 30 days. I requested a refund by registered mail within the 30 days. I waited for the next credit card statement at least 20 days and then another statement and there was no credit. I called and was told that I needed to have called to initiate my refund even though the paper work says a written request is necessary and nothing about a call. I again waited another statement and no return. Called again and was told it was being processed. Waited again--no refund. Then I contacted the Florida Department of Ag and Consumer Affairs. I forwarded them all of my documentation. It is now 7 months *Jan29, 2010* after I purchased this package and 6 months after I returned it, and I HAVE RECEIVED THE FULL CREDIT OF $500 to my credit card today! I also initiated contact with the district attorney in FL and will be writing them now to say the credit has been received. You can easily search for these websites and initiate your own complaint. I think the thing I had going for me was the registered mail receipt and copies of all correspondence with this company. Good luck!

  • No
    NoBodyelse Oct 18, 2010

    The Mentioned William M Flinn is "allegedly" a scam artist... has few name variations and/or name extension [ex. Jr. Mike Flinn] has extensive criminal record and knows exactly what they are doing. Like many of this type of Individuals they think they know it all "allegedly" [SMILES], But us too can inform our-self as consumers.They will continue to say they refund has been applied, hoping you give up the fight, after 3mos Credit card company is not going to do much, not to mention the SEC code should not be handed to these people, although they can still process the card it will look better for you at the time of fighting this "Chargeback"

    Based on the small details from each one who has posted in this forum, we narrowed down the numbers of room in New Port Richey area in Florida [zip 34652] vacation promotions = emp1-3 = makri inc = vacation int.

    Q? why would a good company would change names so much in such of small time frame? ..
    I'm Sure you getting the picture..

    Owner: Satish menom
    GSM: William M Flinn / Jessica Narcovich [both considered co/part owner of bisness
    Investor/ Manager : Darren [unk last] also related to Mr.Flinn[brother]
    Com IT: Robert Hadley, also appears to be involved with a biz ChopShop 34652

    phone number in these types of biz are hard to track due to dialing system, in other word they can change their number everyday, also do they ask for your Credit card number Again when u request your refund? a way of tricking them is asking them to read the number back to you. we understand is not legal for just any body to have a full database full of people names, address, phone numbers, oh yeah, and credit cards numbers.

    My recommendation is to call the DOA of Florida [department of agriculture] who also handle consumer services, and express your concern to them, we might not know all the laws like the bad guys, but we do have people that our own government has implemented to ARREST who "allegedly" has been committing this acts of crime.The more calls, the better hope you understand that thee are bigger acts of crime being committed out there, but that's because they only receive a few of your calls, if they start to receive a higher call volume they will focus on the matter.

    The Local Number is:
    Consumer Hotline: 1-800-HELPFLA (1-800-435-7352) Florida Only
    Consumer Hotline: (850) 488-2221

    The D.O.A. have benn involved with these individuals in previous times, maybe with your help can help us fight this type of Abusive sales, what else can you loose, but a phone call more and this one will not be for a lost cause, but the consumer should stick together and conquer this issue with the help of this great government branch.

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Vacation PromotionsHidden Costs

"Vacation Promotions" Calls you from either a number like [protected] or [protected] and offers discounted travel accomodations which in my case was $299.00 although it started out at much higher price and dropped as I showed little interest.
Upon sweetening the offer and accepting it they will try and upsell you a Travel Club Membership for $59.95 which is suppose to be a one time fee with no annual or monthly recurring fees and which is suppose to include discount vouchers such as an $800.00 AirFare Voucher to be used on any airline of your choosing and is suppose to be good for 60 months.

Their Toll Free Number for Reservations is currently: [protected]

Example of the Vacation Accomodations offer:
5 Star Resorts
4 days 3 nights in Orlando (Must attend a presentation lasting up to 90 minutes)
2 theme park passes to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure
3 days 2 nights Daytona Beach (Beach Front)
5 days 4 night Bahama cruise aboard the "Discovery" Cruise Line
4 day 3 night "Open Vacation" to any one of 1000's of destinations both nationally and internationally that they can book with.
36 months to use with no Blackout Dates

Unfortunately, Non full disclosure of the cost of the addtional taxes, fees and other items more than make up for the discount they offer you. For example such things as "Port Fees" for your "Discovery Cruise Line" cruise is $199 per person per port. Hotel Taxes are $15 per person per night for the stay in the Bahamas and are likely to be higher at the other "5 Star " resorts and these little nasties are not disclosed truthfully when asked of the salesperson during the pitch and only fully disclosed after the sale is made and you've managed to get through to the Reservation Line which not surprising or unexpectedly is hard to reach, which I surmise is due to so many people calling to complain or cancel or in the unlucky circumstances someone actually makes a reservation only to find out later when they are confronted with the unsuspecting and unprepared for the exhorbitant hidden costs, while on their "Dream" vacation.
Hope this helps to keep some of you out of harms way!
Good Luck!

  • He
    Helen Mar 03, 2009

    I sent a letter to refund the $498 deposit on the vacation package well within 30 days of receiving the package in the mail. Never heard from them again-call c/s and always get the same person-very rude and unprofessional. Refusing to refund my money now-c/s hung up on me when I called about it.

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  • Va
    Vaughna Askew (Bonnie) Nov 15, 2009


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  • Va
    Vaughna Askew (Bonnie) Nov 15, 2009

    I have been trying to get intouch with some one, and all phone numbers are disconnected. Now what do I do?

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  • Sm
    smartmoney2000 Aug 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same experience with 4stargetaways vacation promotions. They sold me this "4 days/3 nights in Orlando, 3 days/2 nights at our famous Daytona Beach, and 5 days/4 nights Bahamas cruise and stay" on July 22, 2010. Nowhere in the phone conversation nor vacation certificates the $199/person "port and administrative fees" were mentioned. The original package costed me $698. Now they are asking me to pay additional $796 for a 6 hour cruise ferry to Bahamas! The lady who answered phone call is very rude and unprofessional. When I try to post this $199/person as a comment on their website, only found that no complaint will be published on their website.

    I'd recommend people file complaints at Florida department of agriculture and consumer services:
    and also at BBB

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  • Di
    dixierose22 Sep 03, 2011

    I had the exact same experience. They lied to me about the cost of the package and their refund policy. I AM TELLING ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, DO NOT DISREGARD THESES COMPLAINTS! I to got in the internet and read all the complaints, but found myself thinking "oh I am sure that's just a few disgruntled people trying to give the company a bad name". NO, NO, NO...and I learned my lesson. I am an active duty military member and a few days after purchasing my package I had to go on emergency leave. I called 4Star up to receive my refund only to start up what would be a 5 month batter involving the police, The Better Business Bureau and my chain of command. They scammed me out of $650, well they tried I should say. I rained hell down on their ### for 5 months straight. I was very nice at the beginning hoping they would at least be bothered that they scammed someone who has fought and defended their freedom, but all I got back was rude people and lies. One girl even hung up on me after she cursed at me! It was a nightmare and the only reason that I got my money back is because of the BBB. Please, Please, PLEASE do not do business with these people. The public has to take a stand and put these people out of business! Oh...and I looked up the owners personal number on the net and called him! =)

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Vacation PromotionsMisrepresentation/ Fraud

These people called to sell a vacation package. They lied and said that they were RCI, a reputable company that has been in business for many years. They told me to go to the website to show me the vacation areas that I could pick from. After I got off the phone with them, I called the 1-800 number on the RCI website and they had no record of my transaction nor had they ever heard of Vacation Promotions. I did lengthy reasearch and found that they go by many names. If they get in trouble with the one, they form a new one and continue their con. The BBB has rated them an F, they do not refund any of your money, and they do not pick up the phone. Just think-- if this is a big company, why do the incoming phone calls go into one persons voicemail. Why isn't there a call center for customer service? The kicker, is that they monitor the websites where people have written about their bad experiences with them. They will write back saying that it is not true and that they are happy to help. Happy to help is right--- they are happy to help spend your hard earned money that they have conned you out of. If you are one of the unlucky ones that has been conned by them, write to everyone you know- the BBB, Federal Trade Commision, and the State Attorney. Someone has to stop them.

  • Sc
    Scammed in CA Feb 04, 2010

    I could not agree more! We have been fighting this battle for nearly a year now.
    Our vacation "experience" was that we were to get a stay at Calipso Cay Resort, a legitimate business, but they have never received any funds from Vacation Promotions. These people need to be put in prison! Check out the internet for more complaints, and whatever you do, do not do business with them under any circumstances!

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Vacation PromotionsBuyer Beware

This company (Vacation promotions )is a a fraud!!!

Ask for the lady named Teresa you will see what I mean!!!

Dont ask them for you money back. because they will never send it to you!!!

Just call your credit card company and tell them about the fraud.This is the quikest way to get your money back.

Good luck

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Vacation Promotionsrefund

I recieved a call in May '09 offering a wonderful vacation for a great price and was told that I could cancel within 30 days if I just returned a copy of the paperwork. I requested a refund the following week by returning the papers, a written request(by mail), and also an email. The refund never came and I called many times and they kept making a different excuse each time and at times were down right rude. Don't let them sucker you in!!

Vacation PromotionsScam

Well, Vacation Promotions are at it again!!! Theresa, their vacation supervisor lied and deceived me out of $498.00 for a vacation that my family and I were supposed to take last Jan. Immediately after our first conversation, I was charged this amount along with a $59.95 charge that I had never authorized.

When I asked Theresa what this charge was for she was 'clueless'. After receiving the 'run around'', placed on hold indefinatly, Mike in Quality Assurance (with a nasty attitude) rattled off that it was for travel/airline vouchers, another lie! Then hung the phone up in my ear.

So nearly 3 months after the fact, I received a brochure from Adirondack Travel Club that is now run by 'guess Who?', Vacation Promo.!!!

In January I sent a letter to Mike in Q.A. to refund not only my $498.00 that I was scammed out of but also the $59.95 that was an unauthorized charge. He has refused to do so and is still charging my c.c. $20.00 every month (a vacation club fee, I assume).

By the looks of all the 'Rip-off' it is easy to say that all the main employees of this Co. are greedy liars!!! As an ex-employee of theirs stated. 'they are encouraged to say anything to get and keep your money'. Well, I am a honest hard working citizen, like most of you, and I am determined to do whatever it takes to 'right this wrong'.

Victims of Vaca. Promo. scams should be ' up in arms'!! ! I agree with another victim that we should file a class action law suit against this Co. When you think about their potential to rip-off innocent people looking for discounted vacations from across the U.S. and Canada. These scam artists could be making millions this year alone!!!

I suggest that if you are a victim don't hesitate to write a letter to 'complaintsboard.comt' and let your thoughts be known. Maybe, together we can stop yet another fleecing of America!!!

Also, 'Canada' and 'Australia' don't give up the fight, that is what V.P. wants. Instead, I encourage you to write to the online West Florida Better Business Bureau. Together, we CAN rid the world of one less corrupt Co.

  • La
    Latonia Jan 19, 2010

    Wow, my family and I have traveled before using similar tactics as Vacation Promotions so I was not apprehensive about the purchase of the vacation. However, after trying to contact VP to set a date, an answering machine immediately picks up with no response to messages. I was wondering if anyone was successful at receiving a refund? I highly doubt it!

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Vacation Promotions — Refund not Received

I purchased a travel package on review for $249. This had a 30 day cancellation policy. I returned the...

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