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4:08 pm EDT

Unity Media internet and phone

I have had a 2 years contract with Unity media In Germany. Due to moving from Germany I have had cancel my contract with the Unity Media 8 months before ending my contract. I have send them several times my request and all the supporting document that shows that I have left Germany. Unity Media continue change me till end of my contract. I have sent them several email and make several call to ask them to refund my money, but Unity Media just ignore to refund me.

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3:22 pm EST
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Unity Media worst service of internet and telephone

I got Internet and landline connection from Unity Media on 20th October and since 21st October I have been calling them and sending them several emails to improve their service.
They dont respond properly and at times they respond that everything is right. This is happening on a daily basis.
I really dont understand what I should do?
I know preety well that if the service is not good I can get the connection cancelled within 2 months without paying them a single penny but my concern is more towards the service. The customer service technical support team dont revert and neither they respond to emails. Moreover I am on a work permit ion this country so I can go running behind them one after another.
I need someone to hear my complaint and take necessary action.

Anand Shankar

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Andy Neil
, US
Sep 09, 2016 7:26 am EDT

Been an absolute disaster! Got the 'Comfort 120' in May having returned from the Middle East (Oman) where supposedly the internet is behind Germany!
Internet has never gone above 30Mbps whereas should be 120Mbps, customer 'service' says 'oh that is using the LAN cable.
Errr, says 120 regardsless of LAN or WLAN!
Has been up and down since we had the service, a week ago the internet has just slowed and slowed and we have had problems getting onto the WLAN router (Compal box). Takes ages to reboot and even get back onto the internet, ie 30 minutes, all other networks I have used normally take up to 60 seconds.
Just today (Friday), finally had a technician round having had no luck having phoned Unity Media on Tuesday who said just cancel the contract then (!), we only got any real repsonse from the Unity shop in Viesen who then phoned Unity who were pressured into sending a technicain. You may be shaking your head by now...I can't work it out either!).
Whilst the technician was here today (sometime between [protected]...), no devices worked again properly and we still have sporadic connection and cannot connect to the Compal box properly. The technician had 110Mbps on his Apple Mac, however none of our devices, 1 x Samsung Laptop, 1 x Netbook, 2 x Kindle Fire, 2 x Samsung Smartphones worked whilst he was here so we couldn't even do a speedtest!
He left saying he had 110Mbps and that was that.

We are now going to cancel the contract forthwith and go with 1und1, even if they are getting 16Mbps here. Wish we had never gone with Unity Media, we know they are terrible anyway but went with them as they promised the internet speed and could install quickly (not!).
Furthermore, my father-in-law has Unity Media, we can't even log onto his WLAN, it is so screwed up.

Unity Media has a serious professional cultural issue that needs fixing or they will be bust in no time as people cancel contracts.

Silvija Bilela
, US
Aug 12, 2016 7:10 am EDT

Unity Media is the worst service company I ever had to have contract with. I moved out of my apartment in May and I announced that to them a month in advance. I also informed them that my flatmate, who is the main renter of the new place, has the contract with them. They told me on the phone to write them an email with all those information (my customer number, my flatmate's customer number), which I did. In April. Now, in August, they still take the money from my account (and my flatmate's), and don't let me quit my contract, even though I keep calling them and sending them emails.
I'll probably have to die and then my family will have to pay them still for their awful service.

Ali Jam
, DE
Jun 28, 2016 1:55 pm EDT
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I have same issue with them, they present they internet speed is 125 Mb/ps, but never reach more than 30 Mbps, many complain and each time they bring me some excuse and I give up, and 9 moths, I have to leave my house and city, I have asked to them and ask for cancellation, but they ask for 1000 documents and prove which I have sent them, they confirm with me over customer service phone, I have return the router everything and still they charge me, when I asked them why, they way they can not find any cancellation and any documents which I provided and prove I am not there any more . that is too funny, time wasting and very nonsense service ever I see in my life, they are very bad to deal with communication and etc .

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